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Especially since Sep. 11,2001:

Thes implants flaunted their muscles while engaging in all kinds of money faruds to crimes-murders both in their adopted country and abroad-India.
The western nations were not so keen on restricting their activities.
Pakistan, India's neighbor country has been their favorite Tourism Paradise, which they although originally skipped/flew-over while claiming political persecution in India.

There has been numerous disclosures, as to how such and similar elements sought quick riches in Canada, Europe and USA through means Fair as well Foul. They blatantly violated laws-local norms, enegaged themselves in fraud-schemes, money-business scams. And their quickly gotten riches with their displays of life of an extreme luxury would have even shocked the original land-owners the North American Indians. or this  repeated display of affluence they had a objective/motive, new enrollment-a more powerful base for their pyramid.
How their personal interests, their ultimate owners/Master's, Intermediary-Amnestys' (and likes of) interests are inter-related and/or converge.

It does not require much effort to see that AI-Amnesty made claims (however skewed) against India/ns and in favor of such/similar characters who have been going/travelling around with Implanted Grievances.

AI operated below the radar to promote the interests of ones who harbored criminals-terrorists, and AI didn't give a damn if AI's such engagements brought further sufferings, misery to already once victims-India_ns.
AI's home-base is in 51 State of USA, hard core criminals, killers and terror exported to, proxy-wars and war waged against India have been from 52nd State of USA.

And this vow of silence on part of western nations, for example Canada (as of Jan. 2003) is in a way to boost AI- chances to have its way and to AI's legitimacy no matter how warped such activities may be and known to these countries.

Amnesty is in Human Rights Business (read-not teaching, exemplary); advocacy, publicity, fund-raising for its weapons of war and in order to win even if the sovereign nations' culture, civilizations and indigenous technology is destroyed.
A further study as to how such grumblers affected the original sovereign nation-State in terms of her culture, civilization, indigenous technology.