Human Rights

Economic Refugee

Refugitive ? Economic Refugee ? Or a Proxy-channel for transfer of funds ?

How many Europeans can afford to play a lotto with about 20,000€ ?
And someone in The Third World who plays this lotto is really downtrodden ?

Enforcement and/or implementation of Economic and Social Rights ?
Is Economic Refugee/s who simulate/s persecution an "Otherwise un-declared" Agent of the State ?

One law for the Economic Refugee who just entered France from across the border and Another law for me ?

If  Economic Refugee/s (s/he) ever drive in Life and ever owned a Drivers' License ?
And still given a French/EU Driver's License ?
If Economic Refugee was not seriously ill/sick s/he was tutored/preached/trained in the art of playing that game.
If Economic Refugee had 'No Scars' s/he was tutored in how to acquire one.
If Economic Refugee had 'No corroborated Proof for having been persecuted in her/his home country' s/he was directed to One Stop Shopping for the Factory manufactured/produced Proof within EU.
If Economic Refugee had 'No Identity/Proof' of her/his real name-Country of Origin' s/he could enjoy Social Benefits under m/any acquired names at numerous venues.
If Economic Refugee could not produce 'Proofs of her/his where-about/travels' before and after entering France, the local authorities just waved that Requirement.
If Economic Refugee/s en-masse shopped at the same Mass Production Document Factory, local authorities looked the other way.
If Economic Refugee/s was/were not even gravely ill, the local authorities tutored/counselled them to establishments/professionals/doctors who through the art of writing re/produced reports which could bring tears to any spectator's eyes just like in Hollywood movies/special effects. Thus theatrics was approved for real.
French Government awarded/rewarded any/all types of activities by all kinds of organisations/NGO's who brought caused/harm to India/ns and/or look-alikes.
Numerous front organisations financed here and by French Government ostracized India/n authorities, but when the perpetrator was here in France/EU, the same organisations drained real victims' resources and pretended to be busy/in-competent.
French Government in April, 2000 financed and encouraged Amnesty International-AI to launch a Hate-India campaign.*
What proofs do there exist to show that these  Economic Refugee/s arte not Agents of Human Rights Business like AI ?

Is Economic Refugee/s who simulate/s persecution an "Otherwise un-declared" Agent of the State ?
Glass Half-full ?
Glass Half-empty ?
The answer probably is known to the ones who are located in the secret corridors of power and where within the administration nuances to internal-policies and external declarations/rhetoric are created/concocted and then sometimes- publicized
  • Special Rights.
  • Special privileges.
  • Special channels.
  • Special treatment.
If Economic Refugee/s simulates handicap/s, s/he is through an attendant wheeled/carted to a special line for services at the Prefecture ?
If Economic Refugee/s mimics illness, the special agents/ so called doctors write reports attributing all of her/his present problems to life/society in India, even if the Economic Refugee/s was/were not even actively engaged in society in India through education/gainful-employment/work. If Economic Refugee/s was not even in India before entering France, s/he was accorded all these privileges.
If the person asking for help/treatment was not one such Economic Refugee/s,
Government run clinics/hospitals wrote reports/examination-results in such a way so as to create doubt in the minds of otherwise un-suspecting neutral observers/experts.
If the victim asking for help/treatment was not one such Economic Refugee/s,
Government/prefecture didn't facilitate the severally handicapped by providing a waiting area for persons who were so handicapped for not be able to stand in line for hours. And the same mal/treatment was given for days/weeks/months/... without any possible relief.
If the victim asking for help/treatment was not one such Economic Refugee/s,
s/he was not even asked if s/he wished a visit by their family/family member.
Although Economic Refugee/s were given Carte Blanche and facilitated through all possible/conceivable means.