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Dual Use Human Rights Technology-What Middlemen know or ought to know
(/, \, !), (Leaning towards Right, Left Wing, and Go-Betweens as opportunities present)
An intervening layer of irrationality under our political culture's rational surface.
However, in both the case of money laundering and the case of what I regard as 'human rights laundering,' there is the group of middlemen at various points of the food chain who know or should know what the ultimate result of this work will be,
But who prefer to look the other way and claim innocence and ignorance.
A system or practice of politics in which accountability is consciously diminished.

The Nobel Peace laureate(1989) and Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble recently said:
'One of the great curses of this world is the human rights industry.
They justify terrorist acts and end up being complicit in the murder of innocent victims.'  (The Guardian, January 29, 2004)

More than 50,000 innocent families were wiped off this planet, insurgency was financed from outside India. And Islamic country/ies and its/their muslim agents had a definite role to play.

Asylum International-Outsourcing.

 Digitalisation of Name, in order to exploit different authorities/officials in administration in different procedures at various stages.
And then Multiple-changeable Identity-fabricated through replaceable blood relative/s photographs.
Forged at home and made to look like official Birth Certificates and Proofs for given names at birth.
Forgery of certificates with choicest Date of Birth and Names in order to prove a certain cooked up story before the Asylum Granting Authorities.
Forgery of proofs in general.
Conflicting documents fabricated Residence and existence at more than One Place at the same time/moment.