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Diabetes Epidemic

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Diabetes Epidemic
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Diabetes Epidemic ?

It is totally unknown on this planet, it was an alibi known to French treasury, Minister of Health of France.
Migrant Smugglers and Refugee Business :
That is the channel created and aided by France to make men, money and material available (away from public scrutiny) for acts of terrorism in India.
France gave this select group of persons (in thousands) almost everything they wanted, but the same was denied to a legitimate, deserving Indian.
(Thousands of Beneficairies and French doctors were originally from countries which lie along the arc from where India was targeted and killing of innocent, infidel Hindus was planned).
Selective vision and convoluted-warped (though pliable) politically profitable definition of victims, Humanitarian and Human Rights.
Usually human beings, who have been themselves victims of torture and persecution do not engage in activities leading to torment, torturing innocent others.
But experiences with French authorities and its favoured agents defy all the logic known to the world.