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Amnesty International.

President of Audio-visual Society.
Secours Catholique (CARITAS, France, Catholic Charity)

Article Premiere (a collective of NGOs) was managed by CARITAS.

Secours Catholique like Islamic Charities has not been investigated and condemned for financing anti-India/n activities. PIB employees received their training at Red Cross and/or Secours

Secours Catholique gave an unusually high amount as aid to an anti-Indian MS (2004-2006), even a fraction of  which it didn’t allow other applicants of Indian origin.

Secours Catholique used proxy to carry out such discriminatory policies. One Prodip (name altered) most likely received his Permanent Residence through Diabetes epidemic paranoia in France was employed by Secours Catholique.

Many French Public hospitals do not take testimony/write an incident, accident report and/or inform the police if someone enters the hospital with a serious bodily injury. Is the person seeking intensive care/surgery a victim or an escapee from a failed assassination attempt on the life of an innocent one ? One must not be surprised if this person (now a patient) is using someone else's  Health and Hospital Care Insurance Certificate along-with a forged ID.

People Smuggling International owners use/abuse, rent/sell Health and Hospital Care Insurance certificates. In their international network, when one of their customers is in possession of a Residence Permit of Italy, Portugal and/or Spain, they are smuggled across the border to work illegally (work place owned, controlled by the same TCO-Transcontinental Criminal Organisation-People Smuggling International) in France, these illegal aliens have access to French Health and Medical Care-which is not allowed them in Italy, Portugal and/or Spain. Because they do not contribute to social security in either of those countries.