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Common Americans do not seem to understand, or want to undertand, the principle, perfected many centuries ago by the Romans;
To solidify your power, create so-called 'enemies', and then build up your armies to protect you from 'them'.

American foreign policy is nothing but deceitful ,unscrupulous,opportunistic,hypocritical.

Behind the "Iron Curtain" we know all about government propaganda, war-mongering, and about what happens to people who openly disagree with the party line. That's why they are shocked that these same methods are starting to come into play here, in the United States. But what's worse, is that back there most people didn't listen to that garbage, but here in the U.S. most people do.

US surrogates_proxy_allies Pretexts for 50 plus years to colonize_fleece_slaughter_Lambs
 May 30, 2003.
Roles for US surrogates likes of AI*_Aids Infection international.