Human Rights



More vehemently shows its activity in defense of Human Rights and peace especially in those foreign countries where their own domination is not complete

 Behind the camouflage of certain international mechanisms, e.g. International Conventions on Human Rights, they organize forces for intervention capable of reaching any point on the globe, with the ‘impressive goal of imposing, Peace and Justice’.


So was also the stated « noble » goal of  Inquistdors, Conquistadors, » to preach Bible, the gospel of Jesus through Fire and Sword ».
Obviously these Ornithological avatars de-charnate/des-carnate looking like doves (special effects) thus give the impression as if carrying a message of hope and peace for humanity.

Of course by the time the above message is deciphered, one finds talons growing once more beneath its plumage.
Because « Peace shall reign on this planet, only when you give-in to our ways and your piece of land ». Otherwise ?