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Human Rights Industry- Private or Public enterprise ?

Underground places for prayer and prayer meetings- and social networks of likeminded people.

So called 'Medical Doctors' (Insider Trading) gave False Examination Reports written in a way so as to influence EU member nation Administration's Decision in favor of Applicants' demanding a Permanent Residence Permit within EU (target-Shengan visa privileges). In this way thousands of clandestine, illegals, of unknown characters were sold the benefits of a permanent Residence within EU. These smuggled-ins had to belong to a certain country and religion.

So called Medical Doctors' fake examinations and Falsified Examination Reports.
These medical doctors who actually refused to integrate into European society were allowed to practice medicine within EU and allowed to operate like a State unto themselves ?
If everyone else within EU (including Presidents and Prime Ministers of member nations) can be persecuted for Crimes against Humanity (and planning of) how come these so called 'Medical doctors' are walking the streets as free persons and still receiving payments from nation's Social Security system ?