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West Keepers are poachers

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West Keepers are poachers
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Masters Chains of Slavery Re-shuffle and re-forms Till 2003

Colonization 2004- However, there is an increasing feeling that harmonization is demanded from those that are not equal, either economically or institutionally.

HumanRights-a Business_ sans Spirit_Bottled

Scams_HumanRights_Pretexts_keeps Colonizer in power as ever

Up until year 2000 AD.
Heart run by a re-chargeable battery?
Brightness in the soul  of Neon lights/signs?
Spirit-uncorked ?
Consumer Faith.
Manufactured Democracy.

Darkness in his soul,
can be illuminated only by the shine of pure white gold.

Valueless: A Collective Beehive of Pure Mathematical Objectivity from which "No Unthinkable act of Terror is impossible".
Genocidal Bureaucracy: In retrospective, the decisions made at various stages in the past seem awkward, non-sense, and absurd.

P.C. Sharma, director, CBI, characterises the saga of delay as intrinsic to scams.
Typically, the architect of swindles is always someone in power or a person who has bought access to power.
Usually, defrauders are either politicians in power or those who generate political power using public moolah.*
And the very access that allows swindlers to script their scams also enables them to insure themselves from what is famously called the law taking its own course.*

Says Sharma: "Even when the law does take its own course, scamsters work the system using a combination of illicitly created cushion of wealth and circle of influence to try and evade the consequences."*
The surfeit of scams proves that if a system cannot punish the guilty, it will but breed more scamsters.

"I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything."