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Denis Halliday on UN:

Denis Halliday, the former UN Assistant Secretary-General and UN Humanitarian Co-ordinator in Iraq, described the UN as an aggressive arm of US foreign policy.  Many of the killed were Halliday's former friends and colleagues.

"The West sees the UN as  a benign organization, but the sad reality in much of the world is that the UN is not seen as benign," said Holliday, who was nominated for the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize.
"The UN Security Council has been taken over and corrupted by the US and UK, particularly with regard to Iraq, Palestine and Israel. "In Iraq, the UN imposed sustained sanctions that probably killed up to one million people. Children were dying of malnutrition and water-borne diseases. The US and UK bombed  the infrastructure in 1991, destroying power, water and sewage systems against the Geneva Convention.  It was a great crime against Iraq. "Thirteen years of sanctions made it impossible for Iraq to repair the damage. That is why we have such tremendous resentment and anger against the UN in Iraq.  There is a sense that the UN humiliated the Iraqi people and society.  I would use the term genocide to define the use of sanctions against Iraq.  Several million Iraqis are suffering cancers because of the use of depleted uranium shells. That's an atrocity. Can you imagine the bitterness from all of this ?

He warned that "further collaboration" between the UN and the US and Britain "would be a disaster for the United Nations as it would be sucked into supporting the illegal occupation of Iraq.  " "The UN has been drawn into being an arm of the US - a division of the state department.  Kofi Annan was appointed and supported by the US and that has corrupted the independence of the UN.  The UN must move quickly to reform itself and improve the security council - it must make clear that the UN and the US are not one and the same."

US president George Bush with admonition from British prime minister Margarat Thatcher not to be wobbly ( in fixing Saddam Hussein ) went into war  without any clear strategic  objectives, leaving behind more problems. US advice to Iraqi Kurds and Shiite to rebel without any assistance to them led first to massacre of Baathists and then even bigger massacres of Kurds and Shiites. Who should be held responsible for that !The British role in misguiding the Americans with its colonial mental warp has been horrendous. Then it was Thatcher now it is Tony Blair, who might escape fall after the resignations of his close aides but he has done enough to earn punishment terrorism on Britain or British interests .

Great Britain was at the back of world wars and consequent problems and other inequities and sufferings of the human race during the last two centuries. UK, now a second rate power with its obsession to play a role bigger than it merits or its boots by hanging on to the coat tails of USA, would surely invite hubris one day.
Western corporate news networks and biased broadcasting corporations have always derided the many palaces built for security by Saddam Hussein. Where are the Americans now working from.  From the same palaces.

De Mello, UN special representative in Iraq was a charming and successful international diplomat who rose fast specially during 1990s.  But finally the hubris caught up with the debonair Brazilian diplomat playing a tightrope game for the USA and the west, whose creature UN has inexorably become and paid the ultimate price with his life.  In an interview after his death, de Mello's mother made public her premonitions about her son's death, once she learnt that he had to wear a flak jacket in Baghdad.  She added that her son was reluctant to go to Iraq having just been made Human Rights Commissioner in place of Mary Robinson, whose forthright talk did not endear her to USA.  

De Mello thus became a sacrificial knight in the western Christian world's centuries old game to dominate others, more recently since the USSR collapsed.

American foreign policy is nothing but deceitful ,unscrupulous,opportunistic,hypocritical.

Behind the "Iron Curtain" we know all about government propaganda, war-mongering, and about what happens to people who openly disagree with the party line. That's why they are shocked that these same methods are starting to come into play here, in the United States. But what's worse, is that back there most people didn't listen to that garbage, but here in the U.S. most people do.

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