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Through Refugee business , anti-India elements (in France as well) had money pouring through the roof-and it was used for insurgency, separatist movements in India.
France discriminates against Indians and is racist as well.

Look, who got rich in France (from 1980's to 2005), the ones who supported insurgeny, separatists movements in India. France closed its eyes for these individuals and groups' organized crimes, scandals, illegal activities. But when an individual Indian demanded the fruits of his/her labour due, or another right within French legislation, French used the world's most powerful microscope to deny the same.

Many groups (read anti-India) were 'Insiders' to the French administration.
The group-leaders were originally from or were allied to countries which were on the arc from where terrorism was exported to and encouraged in India.

They had easy, privileged access to France's Social Welfare and Social Security funds to prop-up, promote, and propagate killings, terrorism in India. The frauds are numerous to mention here.
French government would surely say 'we had no way of knowing about all these scandals'. How come France wanted to extradite (BBC news- on 25, 29 August, 2007) Mr. Manuel Noriega (ex-President of Panama) from USA to face charges of 'Money Laundering' in France.

He was accused of laundering some million $US, but that much is laundered everyday in France.
There are about 500,000 undocumented, illegal workers in Paris region, but they work regularly. That means many million€ for taxes, social security are not in the system, but stashed away, 'Parked' and are accessible to someone in the administration.