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Finger-Thumb prints and footprints are everywhere of Central Intelligence Agency of USA, and SDECE of France.

According to popular news, both CIA and SDECE trained Islamist Mujhadeens as well ISI (intelligence agency) of Pakistan to fight the Soviets and undermine its allies-influence in Afghanistan in 1980's. (Sydney Herald….)
After the war these so trained mujhadeen shifted their operational base to Europe. They deployed the skills they had learnt from their mentors, they dealt in stolen and forged passports, fake visas, forged documents for any occasion (you name it, you could buy it in the market) and almost every item needed to smuggle people across continents into Europe, Canada. They were somehow 'Insiders' to the system. Because of them, their vast network of agents and their operations, enemies of India across the border or on another continent did not have to worry, or lose sleep, lose money because these 'proxy' financed and exported terror to India and supported terrorists in all imaginable ways.

But the other abuses of ISI of this 'Technology' by Pakistan were ignored by the west in general and CIA, SDECE in particular, "the victims are Indians, who gives a damn". During this period, bin Laden also learnt the trade of 'black finance, money laundering' from his mentors who happened to be USA and its western allies.

The now defunct bank BCCI had some of its major offices in London and Paris, of course its tentacles were well spread across USA and BCCI laundered illegal money from all kinds of illegal/criminal activities (one's imagination was the limit) across continents. BCCI was interlinked to TCO s of all shades (Trans-national Criminal Organisations) engaged in People Smuggling, prostitution, smuggling of drugs, weapons and money laundering.

During the above operations, the now defunct bank BCCI based in Pakistan helped Pakistan smuggle Nuclear Weapons Technology across continents-major shopping done in Europe. Pakistan diverted funds given it by Saudi Arabia, USA and its western allies to massacre innocent Indians, the western nations "Indians are dispensable and the losses can be written off Collateral Damage". This word 'Collateral Damage' gained currency especially during 2003, because that is how US President George Bush Jr. euphemetically described the 'cost of war' loss of the lives of innocent civilians in his adventures to bring Iraq into his empire.