Human Rights

Anti India France

French Government paid Amnesty International for a Hate India campaign in year 2000 (before 11 Sep. 2001) which was launched in Strasbourg, where Council of Europe, and European Court of Human Rights is located.

French Government routed the money through University in Strasbourg.

France 's Conseil d'etat (one of the highest administrative agencies) published a brochure advising local residents to seek help from an NGO- called MRAP, when they suspect racism, discrimination.
MRAP supported  legal actions whenever muslim groups were affected, but MRAP gave a run-around when the issue of filing a complaint against Amnesty International was raised (for the abovementioned Hate-India campaign).

It has been more than 3 years since a complaint was filed against Conseil d'etat 's publicity (at state's expenses, public funds) favoring MRAP to the next higher administrative authority, but there has been silence only.