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Devil at work?

This is an un-conventional Travel document, besides Diplomatic and ordinary citizens Passport very well known with travel markings otherwise.
Although Pakistan has consistently denied, but since Sep.11,2001, various incidents under different levels of indictment, prosecution-arrest-detention etc. etc have been treported in the media, where by it appears that numerous mafia dons active outside have accquired new identities through Pakistan/s complicity.

In Feb, 2003, someone in New York was able to accquire a Pakistani Passport in the name-personnae/bio-data of another person. This passport was issued through Embassy of Pakistan in New York through an intermediary (of Pakistani origin) who helped the New Owner of An Accquired New Identity also accquire US Green Card at an un-precedented speed. Didn't the Pakistani intermediary know the real owner/identity ?

  • The leader/master-mind behind the Sikh separatists/terrorists was an expert in Grievance Implantation.
  • And quite often these grievances were non-existent except in the mind of pseudo-preachers.
  • The ones who were under his spell really believed that by carrying out mass killings-massacres of innocent civilians, the millions and millions in Punjab-India would flee the terrorists on-slaught and they would be then rich-landlords.
  • The objectives of insurgents hired, armed, trained, transported into J&K were similar. Close to half a million (500,000) Hindu Kashmiris fled India ruled Kashmir.
It may not pass all possible tests, criterian and with a perfect 100% score each time, it is pure fantasy neither:
Like any society/community in the present and past and that includes Pakistan (its belligerent form of Islam is not reformed either), there is an illegal, asocial, anti-social element on the fringes of the main-stream society. To fool the world, that its form of Islam is the idealized-Pakistan has to get its society rid of un-desirable elements. The question is how ?  In Saudi Arabias' henchmen, the executioners who in public chop-up live human beings have not dis-appeared from this world and/or Saudi/Arabian's payrolls-employment list.

Islamists' societies are as much a failure as these fundamentalists accuse others of.

Devil at work, the next day....
To be condemned and publicly is not something reformist societies seek. Anyone/criminal condemened in Pakistan also knows the stigma imposed not only on him, but his family. To improve its credibility/theatrics, Pakistan offers such hard-core criminals a gift-package (Pakistan variety of Paradise and the appropriate baggage to such paradise):