Human Rights

AI Amnesty HRB

Amnesty-AI and its share-holders HRBF (Human Rights Business Franchise) are engaged in selling Technology. The initial installment of this technology-transfer ensues/commences as soon as a nation-State exposes its soft side/resources and naturally lends itself vulnerable.

The stocks for technology of Dread, Debilitation and Dependency have been historically under the control of likes of Amnesty International-AI, through-out our recorded history. The only changes have been their ever-evolving fronts, facades and names. The euphemisms for Dread, Debilitation, Dependency technology are marked/signed in every dot in the history books you have been given till to-date.

These agents selling technology are also in the business of retaining operations below the radar, so once they break-into your system firstly(sadly) you have no chance/choice and secondly you will never get the full technology transfer in your life-time although you may have paid for it.