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American foreign policy is nothing but deceitful_unscrupulous_opportunistic_hypocritical =File ?

US surrogates_proxy_allies Pretexts for 50 plus years to colonize_fleece_slaughter_Lambs
May 30, 2003.

Roles for US surrogates likes of AI*_Aids Infection international.

Kashmir_The US as honest broker?
Mind you, But for Diversionary Tactics and respective gains.  
(US needs frontline states to take the bullets, be the canon-fodder to keep USA Inc. safe)

So there are at least two good reasons for the US to be an honest broker wishing to ensure a lasting peace in Kashmir.

*Unfortunately, there is a catch. There is a semi-good reason for the US to want to keep Kashmir on the boil. This has to do with diversionary tactics.

The alliance of Christian fundamentalists and neo-conservative Jews(exemplified by the PNAC or Project for a New American Century) that is running American foreign policy is very concerned about the survival of Israel.
They were the architects of the Iraq war, and they worry about other countries that can damage Israel, eg Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia.

They know Israel and the US are the biggest targets of Islamist hatred.However, they calculate that if Islamist terrorism can be directed elsewhere, that would make Israel and America safer.
Americans have perhaps deliberately allowed the creation of 'front-line'* states (read separatist movements, religion-politicking, proxy warriors, minority hit & run squads and of course mercenaries cum missionaries and........)* that took the brunt of the damage.
For instance, there is a school of thought that the Americans were perfectly happy to let the Kashmir problem simmer along because it kept a lot of radical Muslims occupied in low-intensity conflict there, never mind the damage to India, so long as there was no damage to the American mainland.

*I would say this same thought-process extends to protecting Israel via diverting the Islamists towards Kashmir. After all, soft State India will merely complain about the murder of its citizens, and will never actually do anything to the terrorists.

Americans may still use the Kashmir issue to keep India pre-occupied.
Will US managers look long-term? Given America's past record of seeking instant gratification, that is unlikely. Therefore, I have
to conclude, regretfully, that the Americans are playing games with India over Kashmir.
*They see no reason to move away from the State Department's historic tilt towards Pakistan.