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 Amnesty International-AI knowing the facts, to the contrary took upon itself the task of defending, protecting and promoting business interests of  Canada.
AI operated below the radar to promote the interests of ones who harbored criminals-terrorists, and AI didn't give a damn if AI's such engagements brought further sufferings, misery to already once victims-India_ns.
AI holds the key to this machine of destruction of human-beings on this planet, and its key components are:

Anonymous Intelligence-AI, whose prime assets in the multi national trade/corporations is (collection of) intelligence expected this world to be of fools. AI's well planned activities were meant to cut-across almost all international treaties/conventions amongst sovereign nations, keeping in mind to operate below the radar.

Amnesty's Hate India_ns propaganda.
Reporting News or Playing Politics?  
It all depends upon the position of Indian-pawns on AI's strategy and its Donors Chess-Board.


Circumvent certain facts and obfuscate others; then manufacture 'facts' which form a narrow system of ideas and beliefs.

Like an almost theocratic institution, it does not tolerate dissent or allow its dogmas to be questioned. In the name of editorial policy, it pontificates, promoting slogans, denigrations and articles of faith in the guise of critical policy review. Such a media doesn't aim at reporting the news; it tries to create the news, imposing its view of the news upon everyone as the final truth.

Where is the Media's Mandate?
The sources behind the media's operation and where they get their money is also not revealed.
We are not informed as to how prominent reporters and editorial writers derive their income, including how much may come from outside sources. But clearly they are getting a lot of money from somewhere that they are not in any hurry to disclose. Though the media likes to expose the improprieties, financial, sexual and otherwise, of those its dislikes, which it often exaggerates, if not invents, if you examine how the media people live, you certainly wouldn't want them as., role models for our children!

Nor are we certain who such media really represents.
heirs, pretenders, predators, interlopers and proxies...........?