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‘Immigration Sanitaire’ for Humanitarian reasons ?
Or a Trojan Horse-cover holding mercenaries, jehadis, separatists with French ID’s for to infiltration into Indian territory for clandestine activities ?
Directors, actors with related bureaucracy in creating and nurturing 'Diabetes Epidemic'.

Although the world over unheard of, French administrators then invented ‘Diabetes epidemic’. The occupants of presidential palace of France were openly promoting this delightful drink ‘the super sweet river Seine (in Paris) water’ for ‘savour’ so exotic and 'quality exceptional’.

Not in 10’s, or 100’s, but in 1000’s of undocumented foreigners whose background data would fit into one single category (monolithic-identity), shopped around and were able to locate doctors (monolithic-identity) who belonged to the similar group of ‘Socially like minded’ persons and willing to print (assembly line) a diagnose of diabetes in their client’s name. (ref………)

Because common citizens and lay persons would least suspect medical doctors being active in terror finance and export, that is why the above method was deployed.
This exponentially growing clandestine operation and covert activity (un accounted for funds for terror finance and export ?) petered out about year 2001. By this time these so called doctors’ names were a talk of the town. Only then the French authorities decided to take token measures,

Article L.313-11 alinéa 11 du code de l'entrée et du séjour et du droit d'asile.
Around year 2001, French authorities imposed token sanctions on these doctors. By this time, thousands of these bogus diabetics had their French Residence permits in the safety of their pockets. They were also allowed to bring-in (or smuggle in) their (real or pseudo) families from abroad and dependents (real or pseudo- paying clients-for each French Residence Permit, the going price was about 20,000€).