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Pakistan first offers such who are pliable, a boarding-card "Standby number... to Paradise".

Pakistan,"Look if you take our orders, cross-over the border to India and kill as many Indians as possible, we shall give some bread-money to your relatives. We shall also modify our records/files and give a token-honour, you shall no longer be a rapist, killer, murder, you shall be a Jihadi. A Jihadi reading/living the same- centuries old script fight_ing your way to Paradise which you had no chance to achieve in this land otherwise."
When the condemned hesitated a bit.
Pakistan," If you are killed while mudering Indians, you have a Standby ticket to Islamic paradise, but if you stay here you won't get even bread."

Pakistan a Nexus in its role-cum-stamp of approval for un-provoked hostilities against India/ns is quite visible from the above-mentioned 2 different instances.

Separatists in Punjab-India.

With Installed Girevances Disease, such carriers then found not only acceptance, high priority assimilation into societies of the west, namely central -western Europe, Canada and USA. Who and under which cover/pretext lead these previously grieving to previously unknown wells of wealth ?* How  did they accmulate so much wealth at such a super speed, accquired new-business-and mushrooming links so quickly in an infra-structure totally unkown to them before ?Because exceptional genius and/or business entrepreneurs most likely they were not. Their most secretive and inner-circle became larger, but most of them were engaged in same/similar activities. Were they knowledgable about or provided with intelligence " how to operate and stay below the radar?"

They were not only hostile towards their hosts' culture, the Implants didn't shirk first from encroaching upon and then forcefully took over the land which didn't belong to them but North American Indians. If that was not enough, they started preaching as if their brand "elemental; purity, truth, justice for humanity" was not known to humanity before the new property-usurpers landed in Canada or Amrika.

Then perched atop their self-made high seats, they mixed their preachings with demands of a "Separate State" in India.
But for whom ?
This is still not yet clear.
But a case study describing few characters who first left India, sought asylum in the west, started business-promoted Asylum internationally, and then suddenly fled from their adopted countries to seek asylum in India is quite well with-in the reach of who aspire. The adopted countries in the west, USA and Canada/ society gave these ever grumbling-implants a ear, enough attention to their tears and so much that the same-implants apparently have shown/proven to be mis-fits in their adopted society as well.

It is worth the effort to examine, observe and analyse what were their original motives and what they do now to/for their adopted societies.