Human Rights

French reformed discrimination

French reformed discrimination- Now it is digitalized and Death is with 1000 cuts.

Inventing new laws ?

Insider Information :
  • Change in government's (secret ?) policies (nuances in the law) ?
  • A certain fixed quota, allocations, nuanced criteria for approvals to be decided within a certain fixed structure :
  • time wise,
  • criteria wise.
  • frame/border-wise
  • What may pass as evidence-proof (on the margins of illegality)?
  • Latitude in 
  • each requirement,  
  • each law
  • each waiting period.

Furthermore, we would like to inform that if you have a problem with a national, regional or local administration, you could contact the relevant national or regional ombudsman. You will find contact information at the following address:

Dear Sir/Madam,

When I first read information concerning the functions of and powers given National Ombudsman/Médiateur about 4 years back, I found the information impressive.
Apparently the aggrieved citizen has a way to deal with incompetent, un-motivated or outright corrupt or dishonest administration employees.

What if an administration employee dare to challenge Médiateur ?
The administration employee mislead Médiateur in a wrong direction, and by the time I traced back this deception(over 2 years on my own), the administration employee was no longer accessible to me (left employment ?).

Does not the option of utilizing all those powers given Médiateur depend upon the Médiateur him/herself  then?
Is the creation of position of National Ombudsman/Médiateur and the consequent powers given Médiateur supported by EU laws or directives ?
Could you kindly inform me on those laws, directives.
Thank you very much.