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Human beings are bought and sold, used and abused in all societies that value Human beings incorrectly = that includes France.

Asylum Application processing in FAST Track , what was the need, where are all those ?
Did any of the administration employees work around the clock and even visited their agents, contacts in the (earlier Refugees in Migrant Smuggling) society to keep the machine (automated) running as fast as possible ?

Refugees allowed to use EU as a transit lounge, spring board to ?
In which language did the Refugee applicants communicate their experiences ?
EU passports to the ones who could not even speak a European language ?

(The above is true for UK as well, since the bombings in London exposed what was  earlier kept hidden)

Right means to Right ends !

as opposed to
Everything is fair in business and war.
The long lasting, profound differences made through ideas, information, activism vs the human consequences of power and privilege.
'those who fail to conform will be weeded out...'
After all negating other’s comparative advantage by any means possible is the essence of mercantilism.
Arm twisting by Human Rights Business, and hence this notion of  'humanitarian war'.
Did NGO benefit from the rising number of asylum applications within Europe ?   (ref.........)
Because this motor of travel agent, Trans-continental People Smuggling Inc., transport, transplant and false torture claims was 'running hot' and popular NGO s had a hey day.   (ref...............)