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Refugitives Business

Refugitives Business

 In our twenty-first century, humanitarian legislation has lead to a growth in what may be called 'Professional Refugees' who adopt an entrepeneurial attitude to contemperary migratory flows, making a business out of organising the arrival of further refugees from their area of origin, in many cases even making proxy applications. Their rapid expansion has often been encouraged by the EU member states' own policies (Fast Track Asylum, Passport, a New Identity, EU Drivers’ License even if they can’t drive).

In view of this, it would be reasonable to ask why these entrepreneurial organisations have not received official status, allowing other citizens to open their own 'Refugee Unlimited' or 'Asylum International' businesses and even be able to outsource their activities ? If newly arrived refugees are able to own and operate such businesses, why can’t the rest ?

NGOs valueless-role played in Refugee Business

Regarding individual applications, for instance, how can we know that the scars shown by the asylum applicant were due to persecution in his/her home country or to voluntary training in a terrorist camp ? Indeed, it appears that there are no
mechanisms in place within the EU to verify the antecedents of persons seeking asylum in EU member states.
Refugee ? A Professional Refugee ! One can easily get the impression of a poor, condemned, innocent soul and fall into the trap, reacting like a Samaritan. By the time we realize that we have been misled by our own emotions, the horse has
already bolted and it is too late.