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Non Profit_Charitable_an exploitation tool_euphemism used by Terror International ?
heirs, pretenders, predators, interlopers and proxies...........

The Actors, Allies, A Collective of Criminals, comrades in crime, producers, directors, distributors-multi national incorporated, proliferators......

Since 1980's India/ns braved un-precedented insurgency on its 2 frontiers, Pakistan backed-armed insurgents into J&K, and Sikh separatists mainly active in Punjab but nonetheless having access to Pakistan and escape routes from India-Pakistan and on-wards. (The above-mentioned 2 insurgencies were not perfectly isolated, but to make a comprehensible presentation, such deemed necessary.)

It is worth giving due consideration, that numerous Sikh terrorists may have found it very easy to use forged Travel Documents/Passports supplied them by their supporters in Pakistan without making any major alterations on such Documents/or without even changing the photographs. Given the extent of support these Sikh terrorists received in Pakistan and its wider circle it may have been very easy for the Sikh terrorists to impersonate Islamists when the need arose. Pakistan (news articles, case decisions are the basis) is known to use numerous Un-orthodox/conventional methods to aid Terror-exporters, its infiltrators and hired mercenaires, namely:

Pakistan embassies world-wide issued visas to anyone without asking any questions, so far Pakistan was a transit point for the applicant to patronize Pakistan's undeclared business/terrorists training centres in Pakistan controlled Afghanistan. Pakistan is known to issue Paper-visas to select persons, who may if caught disclose Pakistan's secret-terror operations but at the same time are indispensable for Pakistan's terror-export, covert activities. The passport holder would be able to travel abroad,but there would be no-markings in holder' passport of that travel.

Devil at work?

This is an un-conventional Travel document, besides Diplomatic and ordinary citizens Passport very well known with travel markings otherwise.
Although Pakistan has consistently denied, but since Sep.11,2001, various incidents under different levels of indictment, prosecution-arrest-detention etc. etc have been treported in the media, where by it appears that numerous mafia dons active outside have accquired new identities through Pakistan/s complicity.

In Feb, 2003, someone in New York was able to accquire a Pakistani Passport in the name-personnae/bio-data of another person. This passport was issued through Embassy of Pakistan in New York through an intermediary (of Pakistani origin) who helped the New Owner of An Accquired New Identity also accquire US Green Card at an un-precedented speed. Didn't the Pakistani intermediary know the real owner/identity ?

  • The leader/master-mind behind the Sikh separatists/terrorists was an expert in Grievance Implantation.
  • And quite often these grievances were non-existent except in the mind of pseudo-preachers.
  • The ones who were under his spell really believed that by carrying out mass killings-massacres of innocent civilians, the millions and millions in Punjab-India would flee the terrorists on-slaught and they would be then rich-landlords.
  • The objectives of insurgents hired, armed, trained, transported into J&K were similar. Close to half a million (500,000) Hindu Kashmiris fled India ruled Kashmir.
It may not pass all possible tests, criterian and with a perfect 100% score each time, it is pure fantasy neither:
Like any society/community in the present and past and that includes Pakistan (its belligerent form of Islam is not reformed either), there is an illegal, asocial, anti-social element on the fringes of the main-stream society. To fool the world, that its form of Islam is the idealized-Pakistan has to get its society rid of un-desirable elements. The question is how ?  In Saudi Arabias' henchmen, the executioners who in public chop-up live human beings have not dis-appeared from this world and/or Saudi/Arabian's payrolls-employment list.

Islamists' societies are as much a failure as these fundamentalists accuse others of.

Devil at work, the next day....
To be condemned and publicly is not something reformist societies seek. Anyone/criminal condemened in Pakistan also knows the stigma imposed not only on him, but his family. To improve its credibility/theatrics, Pakistan offers such hard-core criminals a gift-package (Pakistan variety of Paradise and the appropriate baggage to such paradise):

Pakistan first offers such who are pliable, a boarding-card "Standby number... to Paradise".

Pakistan,"Look if you take our orders, cross-over the border to India and kill as many Indians as possible, we shall give some bread-money to your relatives. We shall also modify our records/files and give a token-honour, you shall no longer be a rapist, killer, murder, you shall be a Jihadi. A Jihadi reading/living the same- centuries old script fight_ing your way to Paradise which you had no chance to achieve in this land otherwise."
When the condemned hesitated a bit.
Pakistan," If you are killed while mudering Indians, you have a Standby ticket to Islamic paradise, but if you stay here you won't get even bread."

Pakistan a Nexus in its role-cum-stamp of approval for un-provoked hostilities against India/ns is quite visible from the above-mentioned 2 different instances.

Separatists in Punjab-India.

With Installed Girevances Disease, such carriers then found not only acceptance, high priority assimilation into societies of the west, namely central -western Europe, Canada and USA. Who and under which cover/pretext lead these previously grieving to previously unknown wells of wealth ?* How  did they accmulate so much wealth at such a super speed, accquired new-business-and mushrooming links so quickly in an infra-structure totally unkown to them before ?Because exceptional genius and/or business entrepreneurs most likely they were not. Their most secretive and inner-circle became larger, but most of them were engaged in same/similar activities. Were they knowledgable about or provided with intelligence " how to operate and stay below the radar?"

They were not only hostile towards their hosts' culture, the Implants didn't shirk first from encroaching upon and then forcefully took over the land which didn't belong to them but North American Indians. If that was not enough, they started preaching as if their brand "elemental; purity, truth, justice for humanity" was not known to humanity before the new property-usurpers landed in Canada or Amrika.

Then perched atop their self-made high seats, they mixed their preachings with demands of a "Separate State" in India.
But for whom ?
This is still not yet clear.
But a case study describing few characters who first left India, sought asylum in the west, started business-promoted Asylum internationally, and then suddenly fled from their adopted countries to seek asylum in India is quite well with-in the reach of who aspire. The adopted countries in the west, USA and Canada/ society gave these ever grumbling-implants a ear, enough attention to their tears and so much that the same-implants apparently have shown/proven to be mis-fits in their adopted society as well.

It is worth the effort to examine, observe and analyse what were their original motives and what they do now to/for their adopted societies.

Especially since Sep. 11,2001:

Thes implants flaunted their muscles while engaging in all kinds of money faruds to crimes-murders both in their adopted country and abroad-India.
The western nations were not so keen on restricting their activities.
Pakistan, India's neighbor country has been their favorite Tourism Paradise, which they although originally skipped/flew-over while claiming political persecution in India.

There has been numerous disclosures, as to how such and similar elements sought quick riches in Canada, Europe and USA through means Fair as well Foul. They blatantly violated laws-local norms, enegaged themselves in fraud-schemes, money-business scams. And their quickly gotten riches with their displays of life of an extreme luxury would have even shocked the original land-owners the North American Indians. or this  repeated display of affluence they had a objective/motive, new enrollment-a more powerful base for their pyramid.
How their personal interests, their ultimate owners/Master's, Intermediary-Amnestys' (and likes of) interests are inter-related and/or converge.

It does not require much effort to see that AI-Amnesty made claims (however skewed) against India/ns and in favor of such/similar characters who have been going/travelling around with Implanted Grievances.

AI operated below the radar to promote the interests of ones who harbored criminals-terrorists, and AI didn't give a damn if AI's such engagements brought further sufferings, misery to already once victims-India_ns.
AI's home-base is in 51 State of USA, hard core criminals, killers and terror exported to, proxy-wars and war waged against India have been from 52nd State of USA.

And this vow of silence on part of western nations, for example Canada (as of Jan. 2003) is in a way to boost AI- chances to have its way and to AI's legitimacy no matter how warped such activities may be and known to these countries.

Amnesty is in Human Rights Business (read-not teaching, exemplary); advocacy, publicity, fund-raising for its weapons of war and in order to win even if the sovereign nations' culture, civilizations and indigenous technology is destroyed.
A further study as to how such grumblers affected the original sovereign nation-State in terms of her culture, civilization, indigenous technology.

Canada had enough evidence against such criminals, but both AI and Canada kept quiet.
The ulterior motives of AI would have been

Lies and Half Truths;

Amnesty International-AI and BBC maxim 'reveal your minor truths to conceal your major lies!'
Human Rights lobby failed terror/ists' victims, here it is how.
"Any great work of literature fundamentally modifies our concept of all literature."
Why ?
Because now the victims are from a familiar race and their blood is thicker than non-whites' ?
That, indeed, is in some sense true of the unprecedented act of terror that has been projected into our homes across the world, and that has redefined the very idea of terrorism.
The ambivalence,*
the nebulous and accommodating notions of a distant terror,*
the opportunism of alternating support and condemnation,*
the vacillating "interests of state" that characterized (nations'...) attitudes and policies in the past,*
no longer sustainable,
have suddenly been reduced to the rubble of the ....../////// Center.*
The human rights lobby is guilty of spending publics' invaluable resources on a great deal of sloganeering and social-thought engineering.  
There is now a widening international debate on the legitimacy and efficacy of the existing processes and institutional mechanisms for the protection of HRs, particularly in situations of cross border terrorism, low intensity warfare and threat from virulent cum proliferating terrorist movements.
"It has always been my contention that a cocktail of terrorism, a compromised HR lobby, and an insensitive and stagnant judicial system manned by incompetent/frightened judges constitutes the gravest threat to the values of democracy, to human rights themselves, and to the unity and integrity of a society/nation." KPSGill.
mercenaries cum missionaries cum mercenaries cum missionaries..........till eternity.
* Dread, Debilitation and Dependency has been the mile-stones along the highway to primary goals.
There has been changes, development of the Tools, Machines, Cleaning-up (expunging-purification of memory)apparatus, Technology in each epoch.
The methods of analysis, investigation and enforcement of such results assumed new and creative "euphemisms".
Such developments seem to be vital for once masters' of others' fate, life, labour, liberty to stay in power and maintain status quo.