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Non Profit_Charitable_an exploitation tool_euphemism used by Terror International ?
heirs, pretenders, predators, interlopers and proxies...........

The Actors, Allies, A Collective of Criminals, comrades in crime, producers, directors, distributors-multi national incorporated, proliferators......

Since 1980's India/ns braved un-precedented insurgency on its 2 frontiers, Pakistan backed-armed insurgents into J&K, and Sikh separatists mainly active in Punjab but nonetheless having access to Pakistan and escape routes from India-Pakistan and on-wards. (The above-mentioned 2 insurgencies were not perfectly isolated, but to make a comprehensible presentation, such deemed necessary.)

It is worth giving due consideration, that numerous Sikh terrorists may have found it very easy to use forged Travel Documents/Passports supplied them by their supporters in Pakistan without making any major alterations on such Documents/or without even changing the photographs. Given the extent of support these Sikh terrorists received in Pakistan and its wider circle it may have been very easy for the Sikh terrorists to impersonate Islamists when the need arose. Pakistan (news articles, case decisions are the basis) is known to use numerous Un-orthodox/conventional methods to aid Terror-exporters, its infiltrators and hired mercenaires, namely:

Pakistan embassies world-wide issued visas to anyone without asking any questions, so far Pakistan was a transit point for the applicant to patronize Pakistan's undeclared business/terrorists training centres in Pakistan controlled Afghanistan. Pakistan is known to issue Paper-visas to select persons, who may if caught disclose Pakistan's secret-terror operations but at the same time are indispensable for Pakistan's terror-export, covert activities. The passport holder would be able to travel abroad,but there would be no-markings in holder' passport of that travel.