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 It is 100 % safe for someone living in one's home planning an assault on the host country/society and parasite on the host.

Is there a way/mechanism to control and check that the recipient of  UN's Asylum Travel Document would not sell his/her newly accquired Privilege ?
The going price is about $5000 and upwards, because the same smuggling-ring would use such a Document to smuggle someone seeking ways to US and Canada.
Also this is another way, how the person who in his home country sought to parasite on the host would pay-off through Installment Plan-Financing which was organized by his owners/masters and/or whom he would render his services except his personal-living expenses deducted/able ?
Pyramid Scheme.

Is there a control mechanism within the powers of UN to assure/monitor that the person/s granted Asylum would behave afterwards ?
Is there a way/mechanism to control and check that the recipient of  UN's Asylum Travel Document would not sell his/her newly accquired Privilege ?
That the recipient of UN Travel Document did not travel to terrorists/militancy training camps ?
That the applicant didn't travel to another country with which such Terrorists training establishments had an open border/No markings/No stamps on passports ?
Can UN Refugee Travel Documents be checked, controlled to see that the holder didn't travel to countries' next to his/her home country ?
Are there any such Visa markings/stamps ? Beware, there are some countries-which also issue paper-visas, which leave No trace of holders travels. ?
Did the holder travel to his/her country of origin through clandestine means/channels ?

There is a Zero/0 % risk in undertaking an adventure to "be smuggled" to a western nation and to parasite on its society/social welfare.
Given the secret alliances of organized crime and Transnational crime Groups, which Superspies like Human Rights and AI are quite well aware of, in case the smuggling plan fails, there is always a Human Rights Campaign to be roll out.

Superspies survive and can afford to pay their employees from resources which are secret Donors (underground ?) and their assets are Confidential Routes/Intelligence/Information.
How can one deny that Organized crime syndicates are also Humanists ?**
If you don't believe in it ask any Patrone from Palermo, Sicily.

Want to be active and operate below the radar ?
Contact a local Human Rights Business Franchise, given proper incentive they would guide you through.

Vision of the Forefathers who concieved Euroean Convention on Human Rights, is it a better world now ?
Human is not equal to Humane.
Human Rights is not equal to Humane Rights.
Politics of Human is not equal to Humane.
'reveal your minor truths to conceal your major lies'.

Human Rightists work within the "Grey Area" between Inhuman and Human.
It all depends upon who is the Party/Person to be punished and  Populism-Evidence which would shock the news-readers (although for a fraction of a moment) and bring pipularity to administrators of Human Rightists.

Report Says Terrorists Exploit Canada’s Immigration System

Police search an apartment in the east end of Montreal on Dec. 21. The home is believed to be connected with Ahmed Rassam, an Algerian man who was arrested on charges of trying to enter the United States with bomb-making materials.

Jan. 14 - International terrorist groups are exploiting Canada’s immigration system, using the country as a safe haven and a base to raise money for activities abroad, according to a confidential report by the country’s intelligence service.
“Canada’s immigration system, because it is both open and accessible, is vulnerable to exploitation and abuse,” says the Canadian Security Intelligence Service report, which was written in July 1999 and obtained by via a freedom of information request. “This is of chief concern for Canada’s national security.”

Among the more than 50 terrorist groups believed to be operating in Canada are the Algerian Armed Islamic Group, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the Tamil Tigers, Sikh extremists, the Kurdistan Workers Party, Hezbollah and extremist Irish groups, according to the report.

Terrorists Are ‘Free and Easy’
Canada is well-known among terrorists around the world as one of the easiest countries to enter undetected, says Alan Bell, president of Globe Risk Holdings, an international security consulting firm based in Toronto.
The Immigration Department is understaffed and thus unable to thoroughly background every potential immigrant and refugee, Bell says. Moreover, the naturalization process is so long that it often takes years to complete.
During that time, Bell said, terrorists simply stop reporting to immigration officials and disappear.
“Then they’re free and easy, they’re in Canada, and they can do what the hell they like,” Bell says. “Once a bad guy has dropped out of the immigration system or the refugee system, the chances of picking this guy up are very slim, unless they do something very stupid or wrong.
“So you’ve effectively got someone who’s in the country, who’s not being monitored, and after a year or two he starts doing what he was originally sent here to do in the first place, which is either collect financing for a terrorist organization in his home country; act as a halfway house; do training and operational planning; or become a mule for terrorist groups to move equipment and weapons and manpower in and out of the U.S.”