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Dual Use Human Rights Technology-What Middlemen know or ought to know
(/, \, !), (Leaning towards Right, Left Wing, and Go-Betweens as opportunities present)
An intervening layer of irrationality under our political culture's rational surface.
However, in both the case of money laundering and the case of what I regard as 'human rights laundering,' there is the group of middlemen at various points of the food chain who know or should know what the ultimate result of this work will be,
But who prefer to look the other way and claim innocence and ignorance.
A system or practice of politics in which accountability is consciously diminished.

The Nobel Peace laureate(1989) and Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble recently said:
'One of the great curses of this world is the human rights industry.
They justify terrorist acts and end up being complicit in the murder of innocent victims.'  (The Guardian, January 29, 2004)

More than 50,000 innocent families were wiped off this planet, insurgency was financed from outside India. And Islamic country/ies and its/their muslim agents had a definite role to play.

Asylum International-Outsourcing.

 Digitalisation of Name, in order to exploit different authorities/officials in administration in different procedures at various stages.
And then Multiple-changeable Identity-fabricated through replaceable blood relative/s photographs.
Forged at home and made to look like official Birth Certificates and Proofs for given names at birth.
Forgery of certificates with choicest Date of Birth and Names in order to prove a certain cooked up story before the Asylum Granting Authorities.
Forgery of proofs in general.
Conflicting documents fabricated Residence and existence at more than One Place at the same time/moment.

 Smoke and Mirror fiction purposely created :
so that 'resources' can be in one place,
the management of it can be halfway around the world,
and the beneficial owner of it can remain well hidden-somewhere else again.

The whole transport cycle (import and export of Dirty Cash) goes through a number of jurisdictions, making it virtually impossible for any prosecuting authority to
claim jurisdiction. A few or an individual victim (no matter how seriously exploited) has 'No Chance' under such circumstances.

Concealing true ownership and origin of criminal proceeds.
Maintaining Control of funds.
Changing the form of their ill-gotten gains.
Obscuring the movement of the funds.

Launderers and Money-launderers are like terrorists in some aspects,
"I want to go to a place where I don't have to follow any rules/laws, I am the law".

A Proxy in this business of terror finance and export.
Why would not Proxy make false claims, propagate falsehood, when Proxy know that :
laws would unconditionally support them.
laws would not punish them for filing a false case.
eventually the accused will suffer a big loss either due to payment of a monetary compensation or a stigma attached- public incarceration.
laws would not demand any proofs from them.
laws would not allow the accused to disprove their allegations.

Refugitives-Outlaws ?

Were the physical scars, the emotional/psychological scars (stories) based upon which the host country granted them (Refugitives ?) Asylum due to persecution
caused during training for becoming Outlaws, insurgents,smugglers, terrorists-for which they volunteered.
Did the host country check/verify this aspect before granting Refugitives a new base ?
Just in case host country/offshore haven for refugitives destroyed-or sent offshore their records/files; *

Mind you, these persons are claiming to be victims of persecution (read Torture-one hopes that they knew the definition of torture in any language on this planet) and torture in their home country.
Were they frequently involved in confrontations with police/Law Enforcement in their home country ?
Did they oppose (violent overthrow) any kind of an organized-structure, both at societal as well as governmental level-believing in a state (under their subordination) within a state ?
Refugee or Robber ? And how did the Asylum Seeker gain expertise on social welfare benefits just after landing on EU soil ?
How did analphabet just after landing within EU come to know the full range of benefits of having a EU valid Driver's License ?
Is Refugitive Networking ?
That is besides the point, did the Asylum/EU Drivers License seeking applicant ever sat behind the steering wheel of an automobile ?
Mind you, this analphabet/semi-literate would switch positions depending upon which side is heavier/offer is profitable :
how could Refugitive drive, when he/she couldn't even interpret posted signs ?
For example, Refugitive (analphabet/semi-literate) originally comes from a country where hardly anyone (except a few high officials) knows French language and is now demanding a Drivers' License in a French speaking country.

Mind you, these persons are claiming to be victims of persecution (read Torture-one hopes that they knew the definition of torture in any language on this planet) and torture in their home country.
How many EU citizens can buy lotto ticket/s worth about 20,000 €, like these Asylum seekers did/do ? And a EU citizen who can afford a 20,000€ onetime disposable napkin would be at  the bottom of social heap-a beast of burden ?

 Proofs :
Smuggling, People Smuggling, Social/welfare parasites, undeclared work, tax evasion and collecting money by all means- by hook or by crook is their primary function/main objective.
Terrorists find it hard to integrate into any Civil Society.

Multiple-assumed names, Acquired Identities :
Life Insurance policies.
Secret Funding/Sponsors.
Transfer of funds overseas for insurgency, covert activities organised by the host country through payments on such Life Insurance policies. The ghost/Virtual person
organizes paperwork (virtual death) in the targeted country to justify his/her claim.

Laundromats International.
Money and/or Personnae Laundering (assumed identity-date, place of birth) operations are aided :
EU valid Driver's License.
Multiple-assumed names, Acquired Identities.

How petty crime funds terror  
Jeffrey Robinson IHT  Thursday, August 12, 2004
The money trail

LONDON Over the past few weeks, several events have focused attention on the way terrorists move money, creating the belief that terror-money trails will lead to what is being planned and, once identified, that those events can be stopped.

A federal grand jury indicted a Texas-based Muslim charity for conspiracy, dealing with terrorists and money laundering; a mosque in Albany, New York, was raided as the result of a terrorist money laundering sting; several Al Qaeda terror-money-related arrests were made in various parts of the world; computer files were discovered in Pakistan that appear to show that Al Qaeda was investing funds to target the New York Stock Exchange, Citigroup, Prudential, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund; and the Sept. 11 commission report recommended an invigorated “follow the money” philosophy in order to track down Al Qaeda.
On paper, following the money sounds like a great idea.
In the months leading up to September 2001, Al Qaeda operated like a multinational conglomerate by centrally funding a specific activity. They moved a relatively small amount of money - estimates range from $300,000-$500,000 - through charities and alternative remittance systems, known as hawala networks, and were able to exploit the Western banking system with wires, credit cards and ATM machines. But the argument that we can stop Al Qaeda next time by following terror dollars through charities, hawala networks and electronic transfers is misconceived.

 It is based on three false assumptions:
First, that terror money is somehow different from regular dirty money. Actually, there is no such thing as terror money. Terrorism is financed through crime, so it is criminal money that we have to look for.

Second, that Al Qaeda is otherwise capable of financing a massive sequel to the Sept. 11 attacks. It isn't, because Al Qaeda Inc. no longer exists. Today, instead of being a multinational terrorist conglomerate, Al Qaeda is much more dangerous - it is a brand. Suddenly, any zealot, anywhere in the world, intent on wreaking havoc is a de facto franchisee with an instantly recognizable battle cry.

Third, that the funding for Sept. 11 is the model for all terrorist funding. It isn't. Generally speaking, Al Qaeda subsidiaries were not centrally funded before Sept. 11, and their franchises are not funded that way post-Sept. 11. What's more, a terrorist event costs almost nothing. By the time the hijackers attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, they had already spent their funds. They'd used their money on cell phones, cars, apartments, motel rooms, food and airline tickets. Because some of those financial transactions were suspicious enough to warrant reporting under various money laundering regulations, and because reporting didn't happen, the 9/11 commission wants that barn door shut. But the horses never lived there.

The central funding of Sept. 11 was a one-off. The first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 supposedly cost $25,000. The money, which funded the planning of the attack, was stolen through credit card and other types of low-level fraud. It was much the same with the “Millennium Plot” to blow up Los Angeles International Airport in December 1999. The conspirators lived off check fraud, credit card fraud and identity theft. These days Algeria's Armed Islamic Group, or GIA, milks banks and shops through credit card and check fraud. British-based GIA cells financed the 1995 attacks on the Paris metro. It is believed that they also partially funded the Madrid bombings.

That terrorists commit crimes to finance themselves is hardly new. The Irish Republican Amy was funding itself that way more than 30 years ago. They were working slot machines, extortion, identity theft, fraud and cigarette smuggling.Following in those footsteps, three decades later, a Middle Eastern terrorist cell was discovered operating a cigarette smuggling ring in North Carolina. This was not terror money. These funds were the proceeds of crime - dirty money. This was not the centrally-funded, Sept. 11 Qaeda model, it was the locally funded IRA model.

No one knows when or where the next terrorist atrocity will happen. But these four things are true: When it happens, it will cost almost nothing; yesterday's money laundering laws, which are mainly aimed at drug cash going into the banking system, won't stop it; nor will any government intent on following Al Qaeda's terror money trails; but if we get down below the radar where the IRA used to live and where Al Qaeda's franchises are today committing low-level crimes, and if we can cut off their cash flow, then we can bankrupt them and like any business, once it's bankrupt, there is no product.

Jeffrey Robinson's latest book is "The Sink: How Banks, Lawyers and Accountants Finance Terrorism and Crime, And Why Governments Can't Stop Them."

UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Win-Win situation for anyone who has Insider Connection and can grease or Buck The System.
An applicant must not be a victim or persecuted in his/her home country.

UNHCR believes in giving Benefit of the Doubt, in a 50-50 situation to the Applicant seeking refuge from persecution in his/her country of origin-home country.
This benefit means UNHCR would seek that the Applicant is granted Asylum and its related benefits to the claimant even when the Merits of the Applicant's case/claim are either outright invalid or questionable.
It was quite common, that many so called made multiple claims for social-benefits in the same country by forgery of identification papers/cards.
They at the sametime engaged in un-declared work.

If a Claim for  Refugee Status is denied, shouldn't then the Applicant be deported to his/her home country ?
Where are the Details of the follow-up ?
Who harbored them ?
To what end ?
And for what purpose, to serve whom ?
An applicant could have been a fugitive from his/her home country and trying to buy time ?*
Majority of such claimants are smuggled by organized gangs to their Custom Designed desti/nations which offer the highest social benefits for refugee claimants.
Has this procedure to seek asylum not been used to accquire a New Identity, if the applicant used someone else's passport etc. etc. ?
So an applicant knows, well before leaving his/her home country that if s/he can bribe the system, s/he has less than 25% chance being deported and the Applicant must not be really persecuted in his home country and must not fear any punishments for making false-baseless claims.

Where can one access all the records/files which show the complete list of the Applicants whose Demand for Asylum was refused and Details from local authorities regarding Deportation of that person who unlawfully demanded asylum ?

Anyone whose Claim has been denied does not necessarily leave the host country. S/he goes underground-off the radar and/or harbored by his/her masters whose commands s/he agrees to follow.
The ex-claimant who presented him/herself as victim of persecution just dis-appears.
Mercenary, for money hire-a-hoodlum.

Once claiming political persecution now engages in soft crime, as well as Not-so-hard crime.
Extortion, Hard crimes like gang-war and using terror to extract whatever s/he can are her/his newly adopted cover/facade a step after from asylum onwards.
Routine crimes are assault/battery crimes, sometimes capital crimes are also committed by the same.
Then these act as agents for Asylum Business, Forged Documents, accquiring New Identity.
It is very likely that he now works in collusion with the smuggling-ring who first brought him to the host country.*
In case the victims (in his/her home country) survive and the police happened to be near by, the ex-Asylum Claimant produces a Terrorists-refugee-The host, and spends may be a few months in prison for inflicting serious bodily injury and back on street again.

Rites of passage = Fingers soaked in blood.

 It is 100 % safe for someone living in one's home planning an assault on the host country/society and parasite on the host.

Is there a way/mechanism to control and check that the recipient of  UN's Asylum Travel Document would not sell his/her newly accquired Privilege ?
The going price is about $5000 and upwards, because the same smuggling-ring would use such a Document to smuggle someone seeking ways to US and Canada.
Also this is another way, how the person who in his home country sought to parasite on the host would pay-off through Installment Plan-Financing which was organized by his owners/masters and/or whom he would render his services except his personal-living expenses deducted/able ?
Pyramid Scheme.

Is there a control mechanism within the powers of UN to assure/monitor that the person/s granted Asylum would behave afterwards ?
Is there a way/mechanism to control and check that the recipient of  UN's Asylum Travel Document would not sell his/her newly accquired Privilege ?
That the recipient of UN Travel Document did not travel to terrorists/militancy training camps ?
That the applicant didn't travel to another country with which such Terrorists training establishments had an open border/No markings/No stamps on passports ?
Can UN Refugee Travel Documents be checked, controlled to see that the holder didn't travel to countries' next to his/her home country ?
Are there any such Visa markings/stamps ? Beware, there are some countries-which also issue paper-visas, which leave No trace of holders travels. ?
Did the holder travel to his/her country of origin through clandestine means/channels ?

There is a Zero/0 % risk in undertaking an adventure to "be smuggled" to a western nation and to parasite on its society/social welfare.
Given the secret alliances of organized crime and Transnational crime Groups, which Superspies like Human Rights and AI are quite well aware of, in case the smuggling plan fails, there is always a Human Rights Campaign to be roll out.

Superspies survive and can afford to pay their employees from resources which are secret Donors (underground ?) and their assets are Confidential Routes/Intelligence/Information.
How can one deny that Organized crime syndicates are also Humanists ?**
If you don't believe in it ask any Patrone from Palermo, Sicily.

Want to be active and operate below the radar ?
Contact a local Human Rights Business Franchise, given proper incentive they would guide you through.

Vision of the Forefathers who concieved Euroean Convention on Human Rights, is it a better world now ?
Human is not equal to Humane.
Human Rights is not equal to Humane Rights.
Politics of Human is not equal to Humane.
'reveal your minor truths to conceal your major lies'.

Human Rightists work within the "Grey Area" between Inhuman and Human.
It all depends upon who is the Party/Person to be punished and  Populism-Evidence which would shock the news-readers (although for a fraction of a moment) and bring pipularity to administrators of Human Rightists.

Report Says Terrorists Exploit Canada’s Immigration System

Police search an apartment in the east end of Montreal on Dec. 21. The home is believed to be connected with Ahmed Rassam, an Algerian man who was arrested on charges of trying to enter the United States with bomb-making materials.

Jan. 14 - International terrorist groups are exploiting Canada’s immigration system, using the country as a safe haven and a base to raise money for activities abroad, according to a confidential report by the country’s intelligence service.
“Canada’s immigration system, because it is both open and accessible, is vulnerable to exploitation and abuse,” says the Canadian Security Intelligence Service report, which was written in July 1999 and obtained by via a freedom of information request. “This is of chief concern for Canada’s national security.”

Among the more than 50 terrorist groups believed to be operating in Canada are the Algerian Armed Islamic Group, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the Tamil Tigers, Sikh extremists, the Kurdistan Workers Party, Hezbollah and extremist Irish groups, according to the report.

Terrorists Are ‘Free and Easy’
Canada is well-known among terrorists around the world as one of the easiest countries to enter undetected, says Alan Bell, president of Globe Risk Holdings, an international security consulting firm based in Toronto.
The Immigration Department is understaffed and thus unable to thoroughly background every potential immigrant and refugee, Bell says. Moreover, the naturalization process is so long that it often takes years to complete.
During that time, Bell said, terrorists simply stop reporting to immigration officials and disappear.
“Then they’re free and easy, they’re in Canada, and they can do what the hell they like,” Bell says. “Once a bad guy has dropped out of the immigration system or the refugee system, the chances of picking this guy up are very slim, unless they do something very stupid or wrong.
“So you’ve effectively got someone who’s in the country, who’s not being monitored, and after a year or two he starts doing what he was originally sent here to do in the first place, which is either collect financing for a terrorist organization in his home country; act as a halfway house; do training and operational planning; or become a mule for terrorist groups to move equipment and weapons and manpower in and out of the U.S.”