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Signatures of French, EU nations' Intelligence and CIA (of USA) are visible on almost every Refugitives, case file handled by People Smuggling International.
The middlemen who profited from such international smuggling operations were trained by the same intelligence agencies. So far occidental west was  profiting from such ventures, even these middlemen were admired as Good Terrorists. (ref…………)
A new chapter in French scandal_17052006     (ref…………)
French Intelligence involved in People Smuggling, Refugitives, PIB affaires (06 april 2006 issue of ?     (ref…………)

As of June, 2007, there are estimated to be around 500,000 undocumented foreigners in Paris ?
A large percentage of them carry a fake, assumed identity, majority of them are regularly employed although do undocumented work, and have an undeclared place to live.