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1986-1990-1996-2000 :

AI-Amnesty International-the well paid executioner-henchman, and its
specially harsh Punishments- selectively for India.
Good Terrorism was being re-packed and re-named for export to India, even when she didn’t wish, requisition or encourage sampling.
Indians were being told, Good Terrorism and death is god sent.

(After Chernobyl Nuclear Plant meltdown, EU banned the sale, distribution and consumption of nuclear radiation contaminated dairy products within EU. To the contrary, if Third World countries denied the importation of the same, they were threatened with sanctions, cut-off of economic aid)       (ref……….)

AI-Amnesty International through its country reports engaged in virulent attacks on India.     (ref…………)
AI-Amnesty International ‘s visceral hatred for anything Indian was more obvious in its orchestrated campaigns against India, by which it sought to draw public’s sympathy.       (ref………….)
AnonymousIntelligence- privy to what is considered as in-accessible information for common citizens. AI has been in business for decades-for 2 generations at least.
AI employees travelled farther to take a dip in gutters of India although while travelling from New York or London Pakistani gutters were more accessible and cheaper to reach.
AI’s treatment of India was well in line with what its Secret Sponsors had in store for Indians.      (ref…………)
Of course, Pakistan was occidental west’s Cold War ally.   (ref……)
So what if he is S..of a B…., he is our  S..of a B…..