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Business of terror finance, export.

These Human Rights Business operated on (almost) business lines. In addition, they used public goodwill as well funds for a private enterprise.

1976 till today.......

Flexible and self-serving definitions of 'terrorism' were used by states in the occidental west.

Cold War gets going..........

The seeds of Good Terrorism and Bad Terrorism are sowed by the political class in occidental west.
But countries like India, Indonesia and.....with a large muslim population refused to join the western club and did not go to war with USSR.
As a consequence these outcasts were severally punished  for not obeying the Grand Ring Master.
Good Terrorists became Bad Terrorists only after Sep. 11, 2001.
(ref..........Punishments....... lasted..............)
(Home Grown Jihadis_JUNDULLAH_in UK & USA_since 1980s)   (ref………)


(USSR dragged into a conflict......)
(Opium production peaked........)
Illegally generated and unaccounted for funds were necessary to finance this mini-war and concurrent ongoing covert war.

1980-1984-1990 :

CIA & the French SDECE trained Pakistan s ISI.
Sydney Morning Herald. 27 Sep. 2001.
Summarizing the ISI/CIA/Taliban connections, the Australian daily reported, “Trained by the CIA and the French SDECE, the ISI ‘ran’ the mujaheddin their decade-long fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Brigadier Mohammed Yousaf, who headed the ISI's Afghan bureau for four years until 1987, says in his book The Bear Trap that the agency funneled US money and weapons to the mujaheddin. In the early 1990s the ISI provided logistic and military support for the Taliban, and helped them to seize power in Kabul five years ago. . . . Intelligence sources said that the ISI-CIA collaboration in the 1980s assisted Osama bin Laden, as well as Mir Aimal Kansi, who assassinated two CIA officers outside their office in Langley, Virginia, in 1993, and Ramzi Yousef, who was involved in the failed bomb attack on the World Trade Centre in New York five years later. . . . . Opium cultivation and heroin production in Pakistan's northern tribal belt and adjoining Afghanistan were a vital offshoot of the ISI-CIA co-operation.”

[Sydney Morning Herald, 9/27/01]

Much of the clandestine activity which led to the destruction of the WTC and the South-West wing of the Pentagon and to thousands of deaths on 11 Sep. 2001 was organized and planned within the EU.
During the period 1980's onwards, Pakistan was allowed to smuggle an Atom Bomb making factory across continents. The bribes-payments were made through (now defunct since 1990) bank BCCI (Bank of crooks and criminals International). Britain is the sole owner to the files of secret operations carried out by BCCI. BCCI had access to upper echelons of UK and USA. Governor/s of Bank of England did their very best to delay the investigations into the affairs of BCCI.  (ref.............)

SDECE of France and CIA of USA trained intelligence agency ISI of Pakistan. ISI was Tutor-in-charge of Islamic radicals and Mujhadeen along Pakistan-Afghanistan frontier.
(ref........ISI by cooperativere................)
(ref.......Punishments to Outcasts..........ISI was never questioned by Grande Master and thus more than 50% of funds and armaments remained unaccounted for........ used against India. Mujhadeen, extremists and radical Muslims were favourite ones of Grande master. Occidental west closed its eyes towards whatever they did, so far massacres were not in the occidental west)

1986-1990-1996-2000 :

AI-Amnesty International-the well paid executioner-henchman, and its
specially harsh Punishments- selectively for India.
Good Terrorism was being re-packed and re-named for export to India, even when she didn’t wish, requisition or encourage sampling.
Indians were being told, Good Terrorism and death is god sent.

(After Chernobyl Nuclear Plant meltdown, EU banned the sale, distribution and consumption of nuclear radiation contaminated dairy products within EU. To the contrary, if Third World countries denied the importation of the same, they were threatened with sanctions, cut-off of economic aid)       (ref……….)

AI-Amnesty International through its country reports engaged in virulent attacks on India.     (ref…………)
AI-Amnesty International ‘s visceral hatred for anything Indian was more obvious in its orchestrated campaigns against India, by which it sought to draw public’s sympathy.       (ref………….)
AnonymousIntelligence- privy to what is considered as in-accessible information for common citizens. AI has been in business for decades-for 2 generations at least.
AI employees travelled farther to take a dip in gutters of India although while travelling from New York or London Pakistani gutters were more accessible and cheaper to reach.
AI’s treatment of India was well in line with what its Secret Sponsors had in store for Indians.      (ref…………)
Of course, Pakistan was occidental west’s Cold War ally.   (ref……)
So what if he is S..of a B…., he is our  S..of a B…..


Signatures of French, EU nations' Intelligence and CIA (of USA) are visible on almost every Refugitives, case file handled by People Smuggling International.
The middlemen who profited from such international smuggling operations were trained by the same intelligence agencies. So far occidental west was  profiting from such ventures, even these middlemen were admired as Good Terrorists. (ref…………)
A new chapter in French scandal_17052006     (ref…………)
French Intelligence involved in People Smuggling, Refugitives, PIB affaires (06 april 2006 issue of ?     (ref…………)

As of June, 2007, there are estimated to be around 500,000 undocumented foreigners in Paris ?
A large percentage of them carry a fake, assumed identity, majority of them are regularly employed although do undocumented work, and have an undeclared place to live.


French officials deflected questions till about year 2000.  (ref………)
French NGO s provided technology and channels for diversions, when administration was caught with its pants down.   (ref………)
On 06 June, 2007, on page-5 the French newspaper :
quoted a research scientist working for the government (Centre d’études de l’emploi) “Les sans-papiers, rouage de l’économie”.    (ref………)
Are Un-documented workers wheels-movers of the French economy ?
French NGO CCEM sold (although against French laws) a video showing Indians and non-white employers in bad light, thus accusations against diplomats of Third World countries included their roles in indentured slavery.
CCEM circumvented French laws in production and sale of this video.
(After 11 Sep. 2001, EU and France imposed its definition of Charitable, Philanthropic and religious activities relating to collection of funds on certain organisations, why did not France impose the same standards, restrictions on CCEM ?)
One of the witness for CCEM retracted her statements and was later found to have lied about her age and marital status before the court.       (ref………..)
Of course, one could have made the same video in Paris, France itself, but apparently CCEM was not so much against contemporary forms of slavery but after political mileage it could get through arousing feelings of hatred against a certain country, ethnic minority.
CCEM was not interested as to what was going-on in its own backyard in France.
Around 1996 when CCEM made that video, hereunder is described as to what was happening on French soil :

Directors, actors with related bureaucracy in creating and nurturing 'Diabetes Epidemic'.
Although the world over unheard of, French administrators then invented ‘Diabetes epidemic’. The occupants of presidential palace were openly promoting this delightful drink ‘Seine river of Paris- water’ for ‘savour’ so exotic and 'quality  exceptional’.