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Dear Sir/Madam,

Once the Request for Asylum from an applicant is processed but such grant is refused;
what happens then ?
where to locate the applicant ?
And who-which authority knows his/her whereabouts ?
Could you please describe such authorities in Europe, Canada and USA.
Over the last 20 some years, how can UNHCR be sure/assure that the Grant of Asylum procedure in those countries has not provided A New Identity to asylum seeker/s ?
What control mechanisms are used by UNHCR to make sure that  a fugitive from law abroad does not get a Asylum Permit in host country ?
If it is the responsibility of UNHCR, how does UNHCR exercise its authority ?

Once a Request for Asylum is approved, the applicant/recipient is issued a Asylum/Asylant World Travel Document-then;
The holder of this Travel Document is not supposed to travel to his/her home country OR to a country based upon which he/she was granted asylum.
The holder of this Travel Document is not supposed to engage in clandestine business, e.g. Marketing/Renting and/or selling of this Document for abuse through alterations-forgery.
The holder is not supposed to engage in training in militancy and/or activities which would further violate the Human Rights of innocent others and Naturally produce more victims-asylum seekers.
The holder is not supposed to lend him/herself to activities-be an instrument which violate the Spirit of Charter of Human Rights,e.g. the applicant presented him/herself to UNHCR and claimed that his/her Human Rights were violated (He/she understood the Charter ?) and the Documents presented for the Claim are not forged.
Seeking Asylum for the Applicant is actually not a transitory stop in applicant's grande/master plan to do something else.
Are there mechanisms within UNHCR to implement follow-up controls/supervision in context of the above ?
Which authority/who keeps track/records of such implementations ?

Your response to these relevent issues would be highly appreciated.
Thank you very much.