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UNHCR UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Win-Win situation for anyone who has Insider Connection and can grease or Buck The System.
An applicant must not be a victim or persecuted in his/her home country.

UNHCR believes in giving Benefit of the Doubt, in a 50-50 situation to the Applicant seeking refuge from persecution in his/her country of origin-home country.
This benefit means UNHCR would seek that the Applicant is granted Asylum and its related benefits to the claimant even when the Merits of the Applicant's case/claim are either outright invalid or questionable.
It was quite common, that many so called made multiple claims for social-benefits in the same country by forgery of identification papers/cards.
They at the sametime engaged in un-declared work.

If a Claim for  Refugee Status is denied, shouldn't then the Applicant be deported to his/her home country ?
Where are the Details of the follow-up ?
Who harbored them ?
To what end ?
And for what purpose, to serve whom ?
An applicant could have been a fugitive from his/her home country and trying to buy time ?*
Majority of such claimants are smuggled by organized gangs to their Custom Designed desti/nations which offer the highest social benefits for refugee claimants.
Has this procedure to seek asylum not been used to accquire a New Identity, if the applicant used someone else's passport etc. etc. ?
So an applicant knows, well before leaving his/her home country that if s/he can bribe the system, s/he has less than 25% chance being deported and the Applicant must not be really persecuted in his home country and must not fear any punishments for making false-baseless claims.

Where can one access all the records/files which show the complete list of the Applicants whose Demand for Asylum was refused and Details from local authorities regarding Deportation of that person who unlawfully demanded asylum ?

Anyone whose Claim has been denied does not necessarily leave the host country. S/he goes underground-off the radar and/or harbored by his/her masters whose commands s/he agrees to follow.
The ex-claimant who presented him/herself as victim of persecution just dis-appears.
Mercenary, for money hire-a-hoodlum.

Once claiming political persecution now engages in soft crime, as well as Not-so-hard crime.
Extortion, Hard crimes like gang-war and using terror to extract whatever s/he can are her/his newly adopted cover/facade a step after from asylum onwards.
Routine crimes are assault/battery crimes, sometimes capital crimes are also committed by the same.
Then these act as agents for Asylum Business, Forged Documents, accquiring New Identity.
It is very likely that he now works in collusion with the smuggling-ring who first brought him to the host country.*
In case the victims (in his/her home country) survive and the police happened to be near by, the ex-Asylum Claimant produces a Terrorists-refugee-The host, and spends may be a few months in prison for inflicting serious bodily injury and back on street again.