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Report Says Terrorists Exploit Canada's Immigration System

Police search an apartment in the east end of Montreal on Dec. 21. The home is believed to be connected with Ahmed Rassam, an Algerian man who was arrested on charges of trying to enter the United States with bomb-making materials.

Jan. 14 - International terrorist groups are exploiting Canada's immigration system, using the country as a safe haven and a base to raise money for activities abroad, according to a confidential report by the country's intelligence service.

"Canada's immigration system, because it is both open and accessible, is vulnerable to exploitation and abuse," says the Canadian Security Intelligence Service report, which was written in July 1999 and obtained by via a freedom of information request. "This is of chief concern for Canada's national security."

Among the more than 50 terrorist groups believed to be operating in Canada are the Algerian Armed Islamic Group, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the Tamil Tigers, Sikh extremists, the Kurdistan Workers Party, Hezbollah and extremist Irish groups, according to the report.