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Didn't French Administration allow (through acts of commission or acts of omission) such Double Faced, Double Standards under the cover of UN and European Convention of Human Rights, because when caught France would always have an alibi ?
France being one nation and member state of EU/COE, France allowed the existence, proliferation, imposition and enforcement of Human Rights Charter the mandate of which is defined neither by the UN or ECHR ?
If that was not enough, France awarded and rewarded individuals as well as collectives-NGO s to enforce such hidden agenda.
Truth became known as the need arose.

Islamic Charter of Human Rights is not the same as UN Charter of Human Rights.

In the outsourced war/Torture through privatized warriors.
Torture machine/Slaughterhouse-Late 1980's through 2005.

Late 1980's through 1990's: Racism based denial of services/opportunities was quite common and at that time a Complaint of Racism in France had No Chance.
And the truth behind this statement, power of such racist attitudes/sentiment in the psyche of the masses/public would be obvious from the experiences (similar) over the years ending in 2005.