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What Rights ? Whom to favor ? Whose definition of Rights ?
Truth became known as the need arose.
In 1990's French Government chose to let a select group of foreigners in under the cover of Humanitarian Aid.
Obviously French Government rationalised those grants, as the applicants attached Medical Expertise certificates from their patron/favourite doctors*. The same select group-a favourite of French Government were later through Fast Track or Privileged track granted French Residence Permit
And when the same select group trampled upon the basic/fundamental rights of another group in France. France shut the door
in the face of victims.

Made in France or France Recycling Jehadis ?
(Thousands of Beneficairies and French doctors were originally from countries which lie along the arc from where India was targeted and killing of innocent, infidel Hindus was planned).
* the soliciting doctors met their clients at meetings of ritual-wise and socially-like minded persons.
Only when the establishment's secret became a public news, did the French Administration around year 2000 take token measures. Since then the abovementioned doctors' certificates must be approved by DDASS.
Truth became known as the need arose.
Diabetes Epidemic ?
Although once favoured, around year 2000 and onwards Medical Expertise Certificates from
Doctor A M...... .
Doctor B……..
Doctor H….. .
These (plus others...)......
were declared inadmissible by French Administration.
France's favoured medical doctors issued medical certificates as witnesses, and Expertise which were naturally and very easily accepted by the Préfecture in France.
The French Administration did not question even a single attestation from these (and such...) so called doctors.
French proxy ?
Insider Trading ?
Because beneficiaries through these channels acquired all kinds of benefits from the French Government, including
Maladie certification (Immigration Sanitaire) for Immigrant status.
Usually human beings, who have been themselves victims of torture and persecution do not engage in activities leading to torment, torturing innocent others.