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Another Osirak In The Offing?

A regime change in Iran? Or a strike at its nuclear establishment? Do Clandestine stations in Balochistan to monitor Iran have anything to do with special treatment being planned for Musharraf?

Since 9/11, the Government of Iran has been co-operating with the international coalition led by the USA in its war against terrorism originating from Afghanistan.  Such co-operation is in the form of effective sealing of Iran's borders with Afghanistan and Pakistan to prevent the crossing over of Al Qaeda remnants from Afghanistan into Iran, assurances of assistance to the US in missions undertaken by its armed forces for the rescue of any American air crew forced to land in Iranian territory due to hostile ground fire in Afghanistan  etc.

Geneva-based diplomats of the different countries which constitute the coalition against terrorism have been meeting periodically  to compare notes on the war.  They are referred to as the Geneva Group.  Iran has not only been actively participating in its meetings, but also having direct interactions with the American diplomats in the margins of the Group meetings.

Despite this, the US has, from time to time, been expressing its concerns over what it perceives as the lack of satisfactory co-operation from Iran. There were mainly three irritants.  The first was the presence in the Iranian territory of Gulbuddin Heckmatyar of the Hizbe Islami (HI) and his associates after they were defeated by the Taliban in Afghanistan.  In view of the Pakistan Government's pre-9/11 support to the Taliban, Gulbuddin and his associates apprehended threats to their lives if they took sanctuary in Pakistani territory. They, therefore, crossed over into Iran.

Till now, there are no indicators that apart from keeping up the psychological pressure on Iran, the US is planning any other action of an overt or covert nature. Overt military or covert para-military action would require time for preparation. Surrogates, who will do the US bidding, have to be identified, motivated and trained. Bases from which covert actions could be mounted have to be found.