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West Keepers are poachers

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Masters Chains of Slavery Re-shuffle and re-forms Till 2003

Colonization 2004- However, there is an increasing feeling that harmonization is demanded from those that are not equal, either economically or institutionally.

HumanRights-a Business_ sans Spirit_Bottled

Scams_HumanRights_Pretexts_keeps Colonizer in power as ever

Up until year 2000 AD.
Heart run by a re-chargeable battery?
Brightness in the soul  of Neon lights/signs?
Spirit-uncorked ?
Consumer Faith.
Manufactured Democracy.

Darkness in his soul,
can be illuminated only by the shine of pure white gold.

Valueless: A Collective Beehive of Pure Mathematical Objectivity from which "No Unthinkable act of Terror is impossible".
Genocidal Bureaucracy: In retrospective, the decisions made at various stages in the past seem awkward, non-sense, and absurd.

P.C. Sharma, director, CBI, characterises the saga of delay as intrinsic to scams.
Typically, the architect of swindles is always someone in power or a person who has bought access to power.
Usually, defrauders are either politicians in power or those who generate political power using public moolah.*
And the very access that allows swindlers to script their scams also enables them to insure themselves from what is famously called the law taking its own course.*

Says Sharma: "Even when the law does take its own course, scamsters work the system using a combination of illicitly created cushion of wealth and circle of influence to try and evade the consequences."*
The surfeit of scams proves that if a system cannot punish the guilty, it will but breed more scamsters.

"I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything."

Human Rights lobby failed terror/ists' victims_how.

"Any great work of literature fundamentally modifies our concept of all literature."
Why ?
Because now the victims are from a familiar race and their blood is thicker than non-whites' ?
That, indeed, is in some sense true of the unprecedented act of terror that has been projected into our homes across the world, and that has redefined the very idea of terrorism.
The ambivalence,*
the nebulous and accommodating notions of a distant terror,*
the opportunism of alternating support and condemnation,*
the vacillating "interests of state" that characterized (nations'...) attitudes and policies in the past,*
no longer sustainable,

have suddenly been reduced to the rubble of the ....../////// Center.*
The human rights lobby is guilty of spending publics' invaluable resources on a great deal of sloganeering and social-thought engineering. There is now a widening international debate on the legitimacy and efficacy of the existing processes and institutional mechanisms for the protection of HRs, particularly in situations of cross border terrorism, low intensity warfare and threat from virulent cum proliferating terrorist movements.

It has always been my contention that a cocktail of terrorism, a compromised HR lobby, and an insensitive and stagnant judicial system manned by incompetent/frightened judges constitutes the gravest threat to the values of democracy, to human rights themselves, and to the unity and integrity of a society/nation.
mercenaries cum missionaries cum mercenaries cum missionaries cum mercenaries cum missionaries cum........
  • Dread, Debilitation and Dependency has been the mile-stones along the highway to primary goals.
  • There has been changes, development of the Tools, Machines, Cleaning-up (expunging-purification of memory)apparatus, Technology in each epoch.
  • The methods of analysis, investigation and enforcement of such results assumed new and creative "euphemisms". 
  • Such developments were vital for once masters' of others' fate, life, labour, liberty to stay in power/status quo.

Credibility_A Farce_Euphemism for old game_New Name HRBF-Human Rights Business Franchise

"Credibility" has long been a preoccupation of American geo-politicians.

Though never clearly defined, its primary meaning for Washington has been the need to demonstrate our persistent will to defend American policies throughout the world.
From the first days of America's emergence as a superpower, our leaders have normally acted as if U.S. credibility depended less on truthfulness than on an image of or the exercise of raw military strength.

Beginning early in the Cold War, presidents, national security advisers, and nuclear strategists insisted that credible threats to use force were essential to protect vital U.S. interests whenever and wherever they were challenged.
In Vietnam, American leaders prolonged the fighting not so much out of confidence that their objectives in that small,
distant country could be achieved, but out of a fear of losing and thus sapping our "global credibility."

The phrase "credibility gap" first entered American political vernacular in 1965, in the middle of an era of "gaps" (from the "missile gap" to "the generation gap"). Journalist David Wise used it to highlight the gulf between President Lyndon Johnson's claim that American military escalation in Vietnam was limited and defensive and an emerging public perception that it was, in fact, massive and aggressive. In light of the current situation, it is important to recall that the Vietnam-era credibility gap took years to form and did not become a Grand Canyon until the Nixon years, late in the war, after some 35,000 Americans and at least a million Vietnamese had already died.
Farce, Charade, Deception