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A New UN or Deluge?   

To reorganize UN would not be easy .The French, Russians, and Chinese know that have status and influence from their position as permanent Security Council members.  For example what influence would UK have?.. What is UK’s economic strength compared to Japan , Germany and even India on purchasing power parity basis. UK has nuclear bombs so does, India, Pakistan, Israel and even north Korea . The current UN represents pre world war II equation.

Selective Genocide_of Hindus in Dhaka under the nose of USA_1970 = File ?
Selective Genocide of Hindus in Dhaka under the nose of USA, 2-1970
The Nixon Papers.
The Rediff Special/Suman Guha Mozumder
December 31, 2002 18:22 IST

Part 1: 'Selective Genocide'
The United States Consul General in Dacca, Archer Blood, was in fact circumspect in his wordings, when contrasted with a message that went out from the American Embassy in New Delhi a day later.

Signed by Ambassador Keating himself, the telegram -- again, addressed to the Secretary of State -- is a devastating indictment of US Administration policy. To quote, in part: "Am deeply shocked at massacre by Pakistani military in East Pakistan, appalled at possibility these atrocities are being committed with American equipment [emphasis ours], and greatly concerned at United States vulnerability to damaging allegations of association with reign of military terror.

"I believe USG [US Government] should

  • promptly, publicly and prominently deplore this brutality;
  •  should privately lay it on the line with GOP [Government of Pakistan] and so advise GOI [Government of India]; and,
  • should announce unilateral abrogation of one time exception military supply agreement, and suspension of all military deliveries under the 1967 restrictive policy.

"It is most important these actions be taken now, prior to inevitable and imminent emergence of horrible truths and prior to Communist initiatives to exploit situation. This is time when principles make best politics."

Signed, as mentioned above, by Ambassador Keating himself -- and interestingly, unlike Consul General Blood in Dacca, the Ambassador in New Delhi does not even refrain from signing the telegram while endorsing the views contained therein.

Thus, the top diplomatic officials in both Dacca and New Delhi warn the Nixon Administration that a calculated, cold-blooded pogrom has been unleashed by Pakistan on its own citizens; that there is a possibility it is being done with equipment supplied by the US; that America needs to take a strong public posture against the genocidal Pakistani regime and finally, that all supplies of equipment should be halted forthwith, as provided by official US policy itself.