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"While speaking to various police officials here (Karachi) and in Lahore over the past one week, Sheikh Omar not only briefed his police interrogators on his role in the Pearl Kidnapping case and on the terrorist strikes in India, but also provided police officials specific details of his travel to Afghanistan a few days after September 11 to have a personal meeting with Osama bin Laden near Jalalabad.

"Omar doesn't hide, police officials said, his ties with several other Arab associates of Osama. Several independent reports and interrogation of two other suspects in Daniel Pearl Kidnapping case have independently confirmed Omar's deep connections in Taliban leadership and his status as a guerrilla warfare instructor in one of the key training facilities in Afghanistan.

The ISI exercised pressure on the Editor of the newspaper not to publish this , but he rejected their pressure and published it. The ISI then pressurised the owner of the newspaper to sack the Editor, who has run away to the US fearing a threat to his life from the ISI. It also forced the officers of the Karachi Police to deny that Omar had made any such confession.

Asif Reza Khan, a close associate of Aftab Ansari, told the Police in India during his interrogation: "Aftab confirmed to me that leaders of different militant outfits in Pakistan were trying to use his network for the purpose of jehad, whereas he (Ansari) was trying to use the militants' networks for underworld operations."

Firstly, Dawood and Anees are in the mafia's big league with billions of heroin dollars at their disposal which they have invested geneously in the UAE and Pakistan. Secondly, they financed to a considerable extent and helped in other ways Pakistan's missile project, thereby making reality the Islamic world's dream of an Islamic bomb with a missile delivery capability.
Thirdly, they targeted only Indian lives and Indian interests.

Such double standards reduce the implementation of the UNSC No.1373 to a farce.