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  • The Submission of Forged Documents in your Visa Application is an offence under the Ghanaian Law an could lead toarrest & prosecution By Ghana Police CID
  • The British High Commission is working with the Bank of Ghana, as well as the ARB Apex and major Banks in the detection of forgery and this has led to a number of recent arrests.

British High Commission Policy Statement regarding the use of Forged & Stolen Documents in Support of Visa Applications
Your visa application will be carefully scrutinised by an Entry Clearance Officer and comprehensive checks will be carried out to check the authenticity of the documents supplied by you in support of your application.
Many visa applicants are under the mistaken impression that they can use forged documents to support their applications. This is a criminal act in Ghana, which the British High Commission cannot ignore. I feel that it is my duty to warn you that presentation of forged documents in support of a visa application may lead to arrest and prosecution by the Ghanaian Police Service.
The British High Commission and the Ghana Police Service are determined to stamp out the use of forged documents in support of visa applications. It is the policy of the British High Commission, Accra to report the use of forged and stolen documents to the Ghana Police cm and to co-operate fully with subsequent investigations. Over the next few weeks the High Commission will be undertaking a number of enquiries into the documents you have submitted. If it is discovered that you have used a forged document (such as a bank statement, passport copy, invitation letter or employment letter) the matter will be reported to the Police. Any new documents that you submit subsequently, for example with your appeal, will be subjected to the same scrutiny and forged document use will also be reported to the Police.
We work closely with the Ghana Police Service and with other concerned organisations such as Ghana's banks and have developed a close working relationship over the years. Our co- operation has resulted in many successful prosecutions by the Ghanaian Police Service. The penalties that may be imposed if a conviction results are severe and may involve imprisonment.
Please think carefully before you submit your application. If you are not absolutely sure of the authenticity of your documents do not take the risk of submitting them.
Director of Visa Services
British High Commission