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Amnesty and its Propaganda Machine.

Amnesty targeted India and even its Hate-India_ns campaign went so far as to symbolize India with Torture.
It comes natural to AI, because AI's home-base is in 51 State of USA, hard core criminals, killers and terror exported to, proxy-wars and war waged against India have been from 52nd State of USA.
AI in its nefarious designs and dis-information campaign tried to fool the world through its various acts of c/ommission:
  • Pakistan was a transit lounge for the separatists who used terror in order to force civilian population of Punjab-India to flee leaving their properties behind.
  • Whenever these separatists-terrorists massacred innocent civilians in India, they sought and were given refuge in Pakistan.*
  • Whenever the same terrorists were hunted by police authorities in the west, they were on their way to next flight to Pakistan.*
  • Some for example were even wanted for crimes in Canada and Europe.
  • As soon as these terrorists received their UNHCR-Asylum Travel Document in the western countries, they boarded the first flight to Pakistan (a Tourism Paradise ? does not offer Social Benefits good enough for asylum seekers?). And their next objective is to enter India secretively-for clandestine activities.
  • Pakistan's nuclear program flourished in the 1980's, at a time when its military and intelligence forces were working closely with the US in order to repel the Soviet "invasion" of Afghanistan. The official said,"The transfer of enrichment technology by Pakistan(to North Korea, Iraq and...) is a direct outgrowth of the failure of the United States to deal with the Pakistani program when we could have done so."
  • As of January, 2003; one American non-proliferation expert said,"Right now, the most dangerous country in the world is Pakistan. If we are incinerated next week, it will be because of H.E.U."HEU-Highly Enriched Uranium-" that was given to Al Qaeda by Pakistan."
  • In the view of American disarmament experts, the sanctions had in any case failed to deal with one troubling issue: the close ties between some scientists working for the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and radical Islamic groups. "There is an awful lot of Al Qaeda sympathy within Pakistan's nuclear program."