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French officials deflected questions till about year 2000.  (ref………)
French NGO s provided technology and channels for diversions, when administration was caught with its pants down.   (ref………)

On 06 June, 2007, on page-5 the French newspaper :

quoted a research scientist working for the government (Centre d’études de l’emploi) “Les sans-papiers, rouage de l’économie”.    (ref………)

Are Un-documented workers wheels-movers of the French economy ?
French NGO CCEM sold (although against French laws) a video showing Indians and non-white employers in bad light, thus accusations against diplomats of Third World countries included their roles in indentured slavery.

CCEM circumvented French laws in production and sale of this video.
(After 11 Sep. 2001, EU and France imposed its definition of Charitable, Philanthropic and religious activities relating to collection of funds on certain organisations, why did not France impose the same standards, restrictions on CCEM ?)

One of the witness for CCEM retracted her statements and was later found to have lied about her age and marital status before the court.       (ref………..)

Of course, one could have made the same video in Paris, France itself, but apparently CCEM was not so much against contemporary forms of slavery but after political mileage it could get through arousing feelings of hatred against a certain country, ethnic minority.
CCEM was not interested as to what was going-on in its own backyard in France.