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And do you believe Mr. Brice Hortefeux does not know what is going-on ?
It is from an administration which wanted to persecute Mr. Noriega (?)
Similar techniques packed in ever changing form-paper have been the means to achieve France's foreign policy objectives (1980's to date), without obvious, visible involvement of France.

Because now Refugee business is well exposed, France wants to project an image of a country which does not support export, financing of terrorism, but it did earlier. France is telling the old story, probably because the evidence against France has been destroyed or time statue has expired.

France is asking Indian immigrants for high quality of documents and proofs before they get their basic rights honored, but France is protecting the men, machine and mechanism which created a living hell in India before 11 Sep. 2001.

Hortefeux veut renforcer la lutte contre le travail illégal
Brice Hortefeux, ministre de l'Immigration, testant le nouveau visa bio.
Brice Hortefeux, ministre de l'Immigration, testant le nouveau visa biométrique au Consulat de France à Cotonou, le 21 juin dernier.