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In this campaign, Amnesty International-AI symbolized India with torture.
NGO s- in Human Rights business in a support role.

Professional refugees.

Shops-for plantation and Implantation of Seeds of Hatred ?       (ref.......)
Directors, actors and related bureaucracy in creating and nurturing 'Diabetes Epidemic'.
All those who were given Fast Track Asylum leading to a Fast Track Residence Permit leading to a Fast Track EU Passport.

Where are they ?

Their common objectives and the visible methods used, while they also had behind-the-scenes inter-linked, convergent interests.
How did their interests converge or align with Trans-continental People Smuggling Inc. (professional refugees :- first Asylum seekers who then become owners of  'Refugee Unlimited' or 'Asylum International' businesses with outsourcing facilities).
Organisation, Automatic Process, Nameless, Identity less Slug operated this machine.

Multi ID, Parking.

Forged Documents-mass production.
The above activity- a Production Machine.
Intelligence Agency of France (country) trained the culprits-Forgers-above activities.
Who is being targeted, and who else are in the act ?
FAST Track Asylum- EU Passport, but the Beneficiary never had the desire to make EU his/her home.