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The now defunct bank BCCI had some of its major offices in London and Paris, of course its tentacles were well spread across USA and BCCI laundered illegal money from all kinds of illegal/criminal activities (one's imagination was the limit) across continents. BCCI was interlinked to TCO s of all shades (Trans-national Criminal Organisations) engaged in People Smuggling, prostitution, smuggling of drugs, weapons and money laundering.

Ahmed Ressam, the man who crossed the Canadian-US border during the december 1999 winter was to carry out a mission for Al Qaeda. is mission was to blow up the Los Angeles International Airport, the millennium was about to happen and that is how Al Qaeda wanted to celebrate it.

Ahmed Ressam entered Canada on a French passport.
Ahmed Ressam shared a flat in Montreal on Lacordaire Boulevard with Said Atmani. Said Atmani was one of GIA's (Groupement Islamic Armee) document forgers. Many of the original GIA recruits had fought against the Soviets in Afghanistan and trained with Osama bin Laden. While in Montreal Ahmed Ressam through the help of his group acquired a forged Canadian passport which he used to cross over to USA.

Ahmed Ressam's contact person in Vancouver (where he boarded the ferry to USA) was Abdelmajid Dahoumane. The two had met at Al Qaeda's Khalden Camp-a training camp in Afghanistan. Because Ressam and his colleagues in Canada needed to earn a living, they turned to some of the trades in which they had been trained- credit card fraud, identity theft, counterfeiting cheques, forging documents etc. etc. They lived quietly and what money they accumulated in excess of their living expenses was sent through an established network to finance other cells across continents.
Abdelmajid Dahoumane's request for asylum was turned down by Canadian authorities, but somehow he managed to enrol himself for welfare benefits and was receiving regular cheques.