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Monday, April 11th 2016, 10:12am

How to Pick Shoes for Winter

salomon speedcross 3 Boots are possibly the most versatile winter footwear staple. While men's boots are typically only ankle or low calf height, this also provides versatility, as these styles can be worn under just about any pant. Appropriate ladies boots can range from over-the-knee to ankle height, but should not have too high of a heel. This time of year, look for boots that have a traction sole with upper materials like leather, nylon and wool. Boots with this type of construction help to avoid slipping on icy walkways and can handle a bit of water without being damaged. Neutral colors work best for both men and women, so try black, brown, grey or navy blue.

Sporty Sneakers

For outdoor activities or busy weekend errands, athletic sneakers make an appropriate winter choice for both men and women on days when lots of walking is required. Most athletic sneakers do not provide as much insulation as boots for near freezing temperatures, but can offer the necessary traction. Contoured soles bend with the foot and increase the amount of overall traction when walking. Look for sneakers without perforations to ensure maximum insulation. Specialized hiking boots also work well in winter due to their increased insulation, and often a higher top line, which keeps ankles warmer.

Classic Flats

salomon outban With a wide variety of silhouettes, flat shoes can be the best choices to pair with winter looks for the office or casual occasions. Guys who must wear a suit or business casual attire to work should look for a durable oxford shoe with a traction sole; stick to durable leather construction and ensure the fit is snug, adding insoles if needed to keep heels from slipping. Ladies can also pair oxford flats with office or casual looks, and should follow the same guidelines as the guys. Opt for a ballet flat only when the weather is dry, and choose materials like patent leather.

Dressing up With Heels

puma shoes for women Ladies dressing for holiday soirees and parties can have a hard time choosing a fashionable shoe that transitions from the blistering outdoors to a cozy indoor event. The classic pump provides the most foot coverage and is a chic choice for any evening occasion. Whether paired with tights and a cocktail dress or slim slacks and a sweater, the pump can dress up any ensemble. Wedge heels are another choice for fancy winter looks, as they offer a flat base and added stability for walking in rain or snow. Durable materials like patent leather and wool make the best choices for winter heels.

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