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Thursday, April 7th 2016, 7:02am

How to Set the Stride on a Pedometer

nike air pegasus Determine the distance you're going to walk. The longer the distance, the more accurate your stride setting on your pedometer will be. Make sure you walk on a flat surface--if you are walking up and down hills, your stride will be inaccurate.

nike air max 95 Walk the area. Count every step that you take as you walk the given distance. If you do not, it will affect the answer you get for your correct stride length. Divide the distance you walked by the number of strides you took. The result is the length of your average stride. To be even more precise, you may choose to walk the given distance several times and average the numbers you get for the length of your stride.

nike free run Take the number you calculated, and program it into your pedometer. Make sure you punch in the number using the correct unit of measurement. If you measured in meters, make sure you program your pedometer for meters. Likewise if your measured distance was feet.

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